• New Music from Scroggins and Rose - GRANA

    New Music from Scroggins & Rose - GRANASan Francisco, Calif. — Award winning instrumentalists and composers Tristan Scroggins and Alisa Rose have announced that the release of their debut album entitled GRANA for May 23.

    The album features 14 tracks of live acoustic mandolin and violin duets with six original tunes and seven improvisations.

    The idea for a largely improvisational album came after the two met while teaching at a bluegrass camp in British Columbia.

    Alisa, a Grammy nominee with roots in both classical and American traditional music, and Tristan, a second generation bluegrass musician recently nominated for the International Bluegrass Music Association's Instrumental Momentum Award, found that they were quickly able to blend their unique styles into intriguing, musically rich atmospheres.

    Together, both live and on this recording, they explore the potential of the acoustic duet within the framework of classical and folk improvisation.

    "Alisa Rose and Tristan Scroggins have released a wonderful recording. Great tunes played beautifully, and with feeling. Hard to believe all this music comes from just two people!"

     — John Reischman


    • Prelude: Goodbye Liza Jane
    • Eagle's Nest
    • Argonaut's Armada
    • Fritz Road
    • Improvisations on Bill Monroe's Wheel Hoss
    • Improv. on Elzik's Farewell
    • Krakatoa
    • Improv. on Arkansas Traveler
    • Frayed Knott
    • Improv. Variations on Paganini's 24th Caprice
    • Grana
    • Improv. On Cluck ol' Hen
    • Improv. on Bill Monroe's Jerusalem Ridge
    • Wyoming (+ Bonus Track)


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    1. Charlieshafer's Avatar
      Charlieshafer -
      Excellent stuff! Going to buy the whole album now, give it a good going over. Love Alisa's style.
    1. Gan Ainm's Avatar
      Gan Ainm -
      Really fine "chamber folk". The future, at least musically, is in good hands.
    1. Paul Statman's Avatar
      Paul Statman -
      Wicked awesome stuff. Congratulations!
    1. Charlieshafer's Avatar
      Charlieshafer -
      Gotta wait till May 23rd, darn
    1. MandolinGeorge's Avatar
      MandolinGeorge -
      Great stuff congratz!