• 17th Annual Carlo Aonzo Mandolin Workshop

    17th Annual Carlo Aonzo Mandolin Workshop
    Milwaukee, Wisc. — Carlo Aonzo's 17th annual U.S. Mandolin Workshop will be held in Milwaukee this year, June 1-4.

    The workshop consists of four days of mandolin orchestra rehearsal with 6 actual hours of instruction each day. The last day includes a recital.

    This year's activities also include a mandolin mini-festival with concerts by Carlo Aonzo and Rene Izquierdo, the Don Stiernberg trio and Evan Marshall and Brian Oberlin.

    Enjoy the camaraderie of learning and playing with fellow mandolin enthusiasts in a warm and supportive environment and experience Milwaukee's rich mandolin tradition.

    One of the greatest classical mandolinists alive today, Aonzo has a deserved reputation for warmth, patience, and extraordinary teaching. Attendees are unanimous in their praise for the quality of experience offered at this highly regarded workshop.

    Each year music is selected from a variety of eras and styles and encompasses a range of opportunities for musical growth for all levels. It is sent out to participants months in advance of the workshop, on receipt of payment, and is now ready.

    A limited number of spots in the workshop are available. Early registration is strongly recommended.

    The Music

    The music chosen for this year's workshop includes:

    • Bach - Brandenburg Concerto #3
    • Bach - Art of the Fugue #1 & #12
    • Vivaldi - "Concerto in F Major" for orchestra
    • Niccolò Massa (Italian Romantic repertoire) - Luna e Amore
    • John Goodin (a world premiere written for us!) - Driftless

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