• Solo Mandolin - David Mansfield Performs Grateful Dead's Workingman's Dead

    Solo Mandolin - David Mansfield Performs Grateful Dead's Workingman's DeadDavid Mansfield has announced the release of Solo Mandolin - David Mansfield Performs Grateful Dead's Workingman's Dead.

    About the new project, David told us, "'Workingman's Dead' was released when I was a teenager and was one of my first exposures to country and folk music. I tried to keep my performances in the spirit of the originals as much as possible not so much re-invention, but simply enjoying those great feelings again from so long ago."


    • Uncle John's Band
    • High Time
    • Dire Wolf
    • New Speedway Boogie
    • Cumberland Blues
    • Black Peter
    • Easy Wind
    • Casey Jones
    • Friend of the Devil
    • Truckin'
    • Ripple


    From the recording, "Uncle John's Band."

    About David Mansfield

    David Mansfield is an award-winning film and television composer with many major credits and has played with a diverse range of major artists over the years including a four-year stint in Bob Dylan's Rolling Thunder Revue. A founding member of Bruce Hornsby and the Range, David was awarded an RIAA platinum album and a Grammy Award for "The Way It Is," as well as as RIAA gold albums for Bob Dylan's "Desire" and "Hard Rain."

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    1. montana's Avatar
      montana -
      Very nice.
    1. crisscross's Avatar
      crisscross -
      The solo mandolin version of "Uncle John's Band" sounds very good!
      Can't wait to hear the more bluesy stuff such as "New Speedway Boogie"...
      BTW: The last three songs are on Working Man's Dead's follow-up LP American Beauty, which was my first exposure to folk mandolin playing with David Grisman featured on "Ripple" and "Friend of the Devil".
    1. Charles E.'s Avatar
      Charles E. -
      The playing sounds very good but I wish the folks that did the cover could have used a better mandolin to represent Davids work. Far too often I see ads and cover that depict total crap instruments that are supposed to represent the product. This mandolin has a plywood (sunken) top and a bridge that has a serious sway back.
    1. JH Murray's Avatar
      JH Murray -
      I met David back in 2013 when he was working with Phil Madeira. I asked him if he ever did any mandolin recordings. Glad to see he finally has.
    1. LillianBelle's Avatar
      LillianBelle -
      He's been on my music list since the soundtrack for "Heaven's Gate" - i have the mandolin tabs for "Heaven's Gate Waltz" and wish I had more of the music in tabs.

      Listening to this, it sounds like he played a couple mandolins - anyone know which makes?
    1. Galileo's Avatar
      Galileo -
      Nicely done on "Uncle John's Band"! Looking forward to hearing the rest of this iconic album.
    1. atbuckner21's Avatar
      atbuckner21 -
      Love it!
    1. Perry's Avatar
      Perry -
    1. Chris Harrington's Avatar
      Chris Harrington -
      I purchased yesterday from Amazon. Have listened to it several times now.
    1. Freddyfingers's Avatar
      Freddyfingers -
      Finally someone doing what I have heard in my head for years! Great arrangements! Off to purchase. If your a deadhead, and play mandolin, this is a must.