• 101 Tips for Mandolin

    101 Tips for Mandolin
    Fenton, Mo. — Mel Bay Publications, Inc. has announced the availability of 101 Tips for Mandolin by Philip John Berthoud.

    Originally published in Germany by Schell Music, Mel Bay has picked up the title and republished it in English as both a Book and eBook. Similar books by the author are also available for fiddle and guitar.

    The case-sized book is packed full of useful information and tips for mandolin players of any experience level.

    Clear musical examples in standard notation and mandolin tablature are included along with diagrams, photos and cartoons.

    Topics covered include left/right hand technique, chords, practice, theory, traditional music, improvisation, posture, instrument care and accessories.


    • Left hand
    • Chords/Right Hand
    • Practice
    • Theory
    • Traditional Music
    • Improvisation
    • Posture
    • Instrument Care/Accessories
    • Miscellaneous

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