• Alfred Publishing Mandolin Chord Encyclopedia

    Mandolin Chord Encyclopedia
    Van Nuys, Calif. — Alfred Publishing has announced an October 2 release for their Mandolin Chord Encyclopedia, authored by Nathaniel Gunod, L. C. Harnsberger and Ron Manus.

    The collection, which is being published in tanden with a pocket size edition, appears to be a republication and updating of an Alfred title that originally appeared as early as the 1970s. All three authors are Alfred Publishing staff members with decades of publishing experience.

    The book contains approximately 2,660 chords.

    Chords are listed alphabetically and chromatically for quick reference.

    On each page, chord variations — different fingerings and positions of each chord — are arranged in a logical order beginning at the bottom of the mandolin neck and progressing to the top of the neck. This helps facilitate locating the chords in different positions over the entire fretboard.

    A Chord Theory chapter explains intervals and chord construction. A complete fingerboard chart is included, along with a listing of major and minor scales in every key.

    The book is paperback and includes 136 total pages.

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