• Evan J. Marshall - Beethoven County

    Evan J. Marshall - Beethoven County

    Evan J. Marshall has announced the release of a new original composition single, Beethoven County, featuring a small mandolin ensemble sound from "Estudiantina de San Gabriel," Marshall playing all the parts, one at a time, in real time. The cello part was achieved on mandolin using MIDI to transpose down an octave.

    Marshall told us, "Estudiantina is a Spanish word, used in the late 1800s by the Italian mandolin orchestras before the term mandolin 'orchestra' was in vogue. The Estudiantina was originally something found at Spanish colleges and universities, ensembles made up of students each playing guitar or bandurria, the Spanish cousin of the mandolin. I live in the city of San Gabriel, a Spanish name (common in California); I thought "Estudiantina de San Gabriel" had a nice ring to it."

    Album artwork was created by Evan's daughter, Julia Marshall.

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