• Haas, Marshall, Walsh EP

    Haas, Marshall, Walsh EP

    Brittany Haas, Owen Marshall, Joe K. Walsh have announced the release of their self-titled EP Haas, Marshall, Walsh, six spectacular, acoustic tracks that reflect a melding of American old-time with Irish traditional music.

    "Brittany and Owen are known as masters of old-time fiddle and Irish DADGAD guitar, respectively, but are also skilled well beyond the bounds of these genres they're associated with," Joe K. Walsh told us. "The three of us are omnivorous musically and with this trio are chasing down the friendly middle ground between several styles of traditional music, adapting old music and composing new music along the way."


    • From the Morning
    • Giardian Angel/Houston Toad
    • Pony Boy
    • Missouri Borderlands
    • The Dying Californian
    • Little Rabbit

    The Musicians

    • Brittany Haas: fiddle, vocals
    • Owen Marshall: guitar, harmonium, vocals
    • Joe K. Walsh: mandolin, mandola, vocals


    From the recording Haas, Marshall, Walsh, the track "Giardian Angel/Houston Toad," the first an original composition by Joe K. Walsh, the second a Brittany Haas original.

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    1. Mandocarver's Avatar
      Mandocarver -
      Looking forward to getting this one. Love everything Joe Walsh has done solo and with others. Writes great tunes too. Great sample track
    1. Paul Statman's Avatar
      Paul Statman -
      Cool sounds, indeed! A wonderful collaboration of artists. Thanks for sharing.