• Evan J. Marshall - Mandolin Mystery Tour

    Evan J. Marshall - Magic Mandolin Tour

    Evan J. Marshall has announced the release of his new EP, Mandolin Mystery Tour, six Beatles tunes arranged for solo mandolin.

    "The stylized serenade based on a popular song may well be the most time-honored use of a mandolin by a solo performer," Evan told us.

    "Italian songs have always gone well with the mandolin, like butter with bread, but the suitability of a song for a mandolin serenade transcends when and where the song was written. The requirements, in my opinion: A charming melody, an interesting harmony, and maybe a countermelody. My favorite source for songs to arrange as solo serenades has always been the music of the Beatles. I haven't published any recordings of these for about 20 years, but I plan to follow this new collection with more from the same great source in short order.

    "To my fellow mandolinists, the arrangements are chord plus melody, or Duo-Style, or a combination of the two. To all lovers of mandolin music: I hope you enjoy listening to these half as much as I enjoy playing them!"


    • Magical Mystery Tour
    • Something
    • P.S. I Love You
    • Michelle
    • Can't Buy Me Love
    • All I've Got to Do

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      Cover art is by Evan's daughter, Julia Marshall.