• Monroe Mandolin Camp 2nd Annual Video Scholarship Competition Winner Announced

    Monroe Mandolin Camp Announces 2nd Annual Video Scholarship Competition Winner
    Nashville, Tenn. — The Monroe Mandolin Camp, a traditional roots based music camp offering world class instruction on the music of the Founder of Bluegrass, Bill Monroe, is proud to announce the winner of the 2nd Annual Video Scholarship Competition, generously underwritten by Intelometry.

    Congratulations to Dylan Ferris from British Columbia, playing Bill Monroe's classic, "Southern Flavor." Dylan is awarded a full scholarship, including tuition, lodging and meals, to attend the 2016 camp.

    Using Bill Monroe’s original mandolin style as the guide for this camp, the Monroe Mandolin Camp, a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Corporation, was founded in 2013 for like-minded souls who desire emotionally charged traditional bluegrass, one of the most vibrant and valid mandolin languages in the world.

    The Monroe Mandolin Camp is held September 14-18, 2016 at the Scarritt-Bennett Center in downtown Nashville, minutes away from iconic landmarks such as Carter Vintage Guitars, The World Famous Station Inn, and The Country Music Hall of Fame.

    With some of the finest Monroe style instructors in the world, including Director and Co-Founder Mike Compton, David Davis (his uncle Cleo was the original Blue Grass Boy), Dr. Richie Brown, Adam Tanner, Lauren Price, Mark Royal, and Alan O'Bryant (new banjo track 2016), students will get to choose from 77 classes.

    Additional offerings include private one-on-one individual tutorials with an instructor of their choice, an All-Camp Assembly Round Table, 3 Special Presentations, organized camp jams, and jams late into the night.

    This camp has developed a great reputation as being a fun community of mandolin players — a camaraderie of friendships — uniting folks from around the world of all ages, who attend to be a part of this extraordinary one-of-a kind experience.

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    Monroe Mandolin Camp Announces 2nd Annual Video Scholarship Competition Winner
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    1. Don Grieser's Avatar
      Don Grieser -
      Congratulations, Dylan! Enjoyed your playing and I'm sure you'll enjoy Monroe camp!
    1. Denman John's Avatar
      Denman John -
      What a great scholarship they gave out. Congrats Dylan ~ you're making BC proud!
    1. Ron McMillan's Avatar
      Ron McMillan -
      Superb video clip Dylan. You deserve your prize.
    1. reddressproductions's Avatar
      reddressproductions -
      We had a Skype conversation with Dylan just before the PR was made public. Here's a bit more about him and why he wants to come to the camp.

      Dylan started playing the mandolin when he was 9 years old and he has been playing now for 13 years. His parents played in a bluegrass band, and the mandolin was the smallest instrument for him to pick up so he started learning mandolin! John Reischman was Dylan's first teacher and is still a mentor today. Having completed a 2 year music degree on mandolin in Canada, and studying jazz and the progressive stylings of Chris Thile, Dylan said

      "I wanted to return to a traditional base and monroemandolincamp would be a great foundational submersion in traditional style with some of the best instructors in the world."

      Congratulations, Dylan! We welcome you to camp in September! Cheers-Heidi Herzog and Mike Compton Co-Founders of the Monroe Mandolin Camp
      Anyone else interested in finding out more about camp, please visit our website, link below!
    1. Kathymnichols's Avatar
      Kathymnichols -
      As an attendee of the first two of these Monroe Mandolin Camps, I strongly endorse this experience for every mandolin player who appreciates the traditional sound of Bill Monroe's mandolin music. I'm a Kalamazoo native who grew up 2 blocks from the Gibson plant and my father worked summers at Gibson, polishing instruments. He was a fiddle player and loved to play traditional tunes as well as swing music. I'm sure some of these sounds were "set" into my DNA because as I grew up into the folk music era, I always loved the sound of acoustic music. There is something about the energy of the raw, bluesy, original tunes of Monroe that lights a fire in my desire to learn it. What I find at MonCamp is a group of like souls from many walks of life, all craving the same thing. Everyone is welcomed to join the jams, no matter their age or skill level. Attending camp is like being dipped into a deep pool of Monroe. You can't help but emerge a better player, heading home, eager to learn and re-learn more of the music of Bill Monroe. A hearty congratulations to Dylan! Come on and join us!!
    1. Rick Albertson's Avatar
      Rick Albertson -
      Wish I could be there this year!
    1. Denman John's Avatar
      Denman John -
      It's on my radar for next year ...