• The Andrew Collins Trio - And It Was Good

    The Andrew Collins Trio -  And It Was Good

    Toronto, Canada — The Andrew Collins Trio has announced the release of their new recording And It Was Good.

    The Trio is comprised of Andrew Collins on mandolin family instruments, guitarist Mike Mezzatesta and bassist James McEleney. The instrumentation (mandolin, mandocello, fiddle, guitar, bass, mandola) is augmented by a string quartet to add necessary shading and color to each track.

    The title, And It Was Good, represents the artists' secular rendering of a set of compositions with each serving to represent a day in the 7 days of Creation.

    Andrew Collins is an award winning mandolinist based in Canada and founding member of The Foggy Hogtown Boys and the Creaking Tree String Quartet.


    • Light From The Darkness
    • Firmaments
    • Seed Of Its Own Kind
    • Stars, Sun & Moon
    • Fish & Fowl
    • Everything That Creeps
    • Rest
    • And It Was Good


    From The Andrew Collins Trio recording And It Was Good, the track "Firmaments."

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    1. Todd Neel's Avatar
      Todd Neel -
      Nice to see a recording featuring a beautiful Heiden mandolin!