• New Music from Sam Bush - Storyman

    New Music from Sam Bush - Storyman

    Nashville, Tenn. — Seven years since the release of Circles Around Me, his last studio release, Sam Bush is set to release Storyman on Sugar Hill Records on June 24.

    Storyman consists of 11 original Sam Bush compositions, many of them based on true stories co-written with Emmylou Harris, Guy Clark and Jon Randall Stewart. On the recording, Harris and Alison Krauss make guest appearances.


    • Play by Your Own Rules
    • Everything Is Possible
    • Transcendental Meditation Blues
    • Greenbrier
    • Lefty's Song
    • Carcinoma Blues
    • Bowling Green
    • Handmics Killed Country Music
    • Where s My Love
    • It s Not What You Think
    • I Just Wanna Feel Something

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    1. David Lewis's Avatar
      David Lewis -
      Should be great. Can't wait.
    1. fentonjames's Avatar
      fentonjames -
      Grateful Red is at it again!
    1. MediumMando5722's Avatar
      MediumMando5722 -
      It's streaming over at The Bluegrass Situation. Listened to some clips, pre-ordered.
    1. Nate Lee's Avatar
      Nate Lee -
      I pre-ordered it. Can't wait!