• Simon Mayor Mandolin Retreat & Concert - Sheffield, England

    Simon Mayor Mandolin Retreat & Concert

    Sheffield, England — The Simon Mayor Mandolin Retreat & Concert with Hilary James will be held October 7-9 at Kenwood Hall Hotel, Sheffield, England.

    The course is open to players of any level, but it is advised attendees have a reasonable knowledge of how to read either mandolin tablature or standard music notation.

    The weekend is a great opportunity to meet like-minded people and to learn to play as an ensemble. While some tunes will be melody only, some will be arranged in parts specifically for ensemble playing.

    About the retreat Mayor told us, "My preference is to teach through tunes, discussing matters of technique as they crop up. I'll be covering basic right- and left-hand positions, tremolo, position shifts, playing in closed positions, use of the plectrum and tone production, improvisation, and no doubt much more. My aim is to de-mystify the mandolin as much as possible, whether that be finding your way around the neck, or understanding some of that dreaded music theory!"

    The Kenwood Hall Hotel offers extremely comfortable 4-star accommodation and is set in an oasis of beautifully landscaped grounds just south of the city centre in the rather grand suburb of Nether Edge.

    The fee for the weekend is 395 which includes all tuition, entrance to the Saturday evening Simon Mayor & Hilary James concert, full board from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon (breakfast, buffet lunch, three-course evening meal, unlimited coffee, tea and soft drinks during the day) and use of the hotel's spa facilities.

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    1. derbex's Avatar
      derbex -
      The link in Simon's flyer is wrong, try http://mandolin.co.uk/retreat/
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      Mandolin Cafe -
      Quote Originally Posted by derbex View Post
      The link in Simon's flyer is wrong, try http://mandolin.co.uk/retreat/
      Believe you're mistakenly thinking the image is supposed to link to his event. The image is a link to the news article we published. On top of that, since your post appears both on the Forum and in the article itself, your observation sort of confuses the matter.

      This is the article.

      There are links at the end of this very short article which go directly to his event. Simon has seen and approved of the article.
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      Can't wait, should be a great weekend!