• The Murphy Method Adds Mandolin Camp To Lineup

    Chris Henry - The Murphy Method Adds Mandolin Camp To LineupWinchester, Va. — This year for the first time The Murphy Method will offer a mandolin camp in addition to its regular schedule of banjo and jam camps. The Chris Henry Mandolin Camp will be held at the Courtyard Marriott in Winchester, September 23-25, 2016.

    The camp will focus directly on the music and subtleties of Bill-Monroe-style picking. Murphy Henry and Chris Henry will teach the camp's two levels (beginner, and intermediate/advanced) and small class sizes will allow lots of individual attention.

    Monroe masters David McLaughlin and Red Henry will also be on hand to lend their expertise, a truly rare treat.

    Chris says, "The tradition of bluegrass music is an aural and oral one. This will be taught entirely by ear, so students can learn to teach themselves, and to be able to hear melodies and play them.

    "Red and David will lead class sessions and talk about the music so that everyone leaves with more perspective about bluegrass and how to learn Bill's music. We will study interpreting fiddle tunes, blues, staggered arpeggiation, speed training, phrasing, incorporating major/minor modes, downstroke based solos, double stops, general Monroe-isms, and many other facets of Bill's playing."

    The camp takes place the weekend before IBMA's World of Bluegrass (five hours south in Raleigh, NC), making it convenient for students traveling long distances.

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    1. DataNick's Avatar
      DataNick -
      Man! I've got to find a way to go this year and piggyback it with IBMA...
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      darylcrisp -
      i think i'm going to try to do this, sounds like an epic couple of days

    1. DataNick's Avatar
      DataNick -
      Frank Wakefield added to the instructor list...