• Carlo Aonzo Trio - A Mandolin Journey

    Carlo Aonzo Trio - A Mandolin Journey

    The Carlo Aonzo Trio has announced the release of A Mandolin Journey, a brilliant, bold and adventurous new recording in which Aonzo and fellow band-mates take on a broad range of material that includes not only the music of their Italian roots, but also American and European ethnic and jazz compositions from David Grisman to Jethro Burns, Jacob do Bandolim and more.

    About the new project, Aonzo told us, "Often the mandolin has traveled in 3rd class, accompanying immigrants through seas and continents, inside cardboard suitcases to unknown lands. But wherever it landed it made its new dwelling by cleverly integrating with the local culture. This is confirmed by the different shapes and tunings that it took up within the various musical genres that welcomed it.

    "With this project we present the Italian mandolin’s journey in its various traditional, renewed and reinvented aspects; a modern melting pot of music and culture. A musical map, sailing off from the strong foundations of our tradition towards other interesting and unexpected sonorous routes."

    The Musicians

    • Carlo Aonzo: mandolin
    • Lorenzo Piccone: guitar & vocals
    • Luciano Puppo: double bass

    Track listing

    • Polke
    • O Mio Babbino Caro
    • Old Italian Swing Medley: A Zonzo / Camminando Sotto La Pioggia / Mille Lire Al Mese
    • Mazurka
    • Ali for Flying
    • Indifference
    • Receita De Samba
    • Latin Suite: Assanhado / Tico Tico / André De Sapato Novo
    • Splitting It Up
    • Spaghetti in America: Spaghetti a Detroit / Tu Vuò Fa L'americano
    • 16/16
    • Says You
    • Vivaldi in New York: L'estate 2nd Movement
    • Vivaldi in New York: L'estate 3rd Movement
    • Jethro's Suite: Reuben Sandwich / Rip Off / Jethro's Tune

    Vivaldi in New York

    From the album A Mandolin Journey, the track "Vivaldi in New York."

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    1. Mark Gunter's Avatar
      Mark Gunter -
      The sample clips at itunes sound awesome. I put this one on my wish list.
    1. sterzo76's Avatar
      sterzo76 -
      Quote Originally Posted by Mark Gunter View Post
      The sample clips at itunes sound awesome. I put this one on my wish list.
      me too It's super... and live then they are amazing !!!