• Nordic Choro II

    Joyful acoustic music with a good groove, popular songs of the 20th century from Nordic Countries with a fresh attitude, rhythm patterns based on Brazilian choro and samba.

    Nordic Choro II

    Zebo Records has announced the release of the second album from the Finnish-Brazilian group Nordic Choro, entitled Nordic Choro II.

    Nordic Choro was founded in 2008 and released their debut album in 2010. The group is currently concentrating on Nordic classics by arranging and changing them into Brazilian choro style.

    The Musicians

    Fabio de Oliveira: 7-string guitar
    Ricardo Padilla: pandeiro and additional percussion, cavaquinho
    Arja Paju: bass guitar
    Jarmo Romppanen: 10-string mandolin

    Guest musicians:
    Petri Puolitaival (flute, alto saxophone) and Peter Engberg (guitar, the producer)


    • Romanssi
    • Sjösala vals/Keväthuumaus
    • Lite grann från ovan/Kulkuri ja joutsen
    • Armi
    • Jag tror på sommaren/Taas on aika auringon
    • Spegling/heijastus
    • Song of the Crocodile Gena/Minä soitan harmonikkaa
    • Nuoruustango
    • Höstvisa/syyslaulu
    • Stormskärs Maja/Myrskyluodon Maija
    • Niin kaunis on maa
    • Sininen uni


    The track Romansii from the recording Nordic Choro II.

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      Ted Eschliman -
      Bought this through Amazon this AM. Great stuff!