• Two Old Hippies Announces the Retirement of Bruce Weber Sr. as General Manager of Weber Fine Acoustic Instruments

    Bruce Weber announces his retirementBend, Or. — In October of 2012, Weber Fine Acoustic Instruments was acquired by Two Old Hippies Stringed Instruments located in Bend, Oregon. The company was relocated to Bend, and the workshop's handcrafting practices were maintained.

    For the last few years Bruce Weber Sr. has served as the General Manger from his home shop in Montana. Bruce has recently decided to step down as General Manager and focus on the instruments.

    "My passion is working with the players, and I enjoy being on the bench," says Bruce. Deciding they wish to remain in Montana, yet wanting to stay in the business Bruce is establishing a traditional stringed instruments warranty and repair center. He will continue doing all of the warranty and repair services for Weber.

    Bruce observed, "Mary and I are grateful for our on-going relationship with Tom Bedell and Two Old Hippies. Their dedication to honoring our forests while crafting the world's finest acoustic instruments with all three of their brands, Breedlove, Bedell and Weber is bred deep in their culture."

    Bruce Weber Jr. continues in the Weber workshop in Bend and will expand his role to include product design and customer service. Bruce Jr. commented, "Weber is the world's only brand offering traditional eight-stringed instruments in all sizes and shapes from the sopranolins to mandocellos. The skills of our craftsmen are unparalleled. I am delighted for my parents and look forward to my continuing role with Weber and Two Old Hippies."

    Tom Bedell, founder of Two Old Hippies, adds, "It has been a pleasure working with Bruce Senior. He has taught all of us so much about instrument craftsmanship. I am pleased we can work out a way for Bruce and Mary to continue the lifestyle that is important to them while maintaining their association with Weber Fine Acoustic Instruments."

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    1. DataNick's Avatar
      DataNick -
      Good on you Bruce Weber!

      Hope to make it up to Montana one day, see some friends, and stop by your place for some mando geeking!
    1. dchernack's Avatar
      dchernack -
      Bruce Weber Sr. sure left his mark on the mandolin community, or more simply, the mandolin itself. Good luck in your retirement Mr. Weber!
    1. George R. Lane's Avatar
      George R. Lane -
      Bruce glad to see you are staying in Montana. I know you and Mary love Montana. I will make a trip over to see you soon.
    1. pickinNgrinnin's Avatar
      pickinNgrinnin -
      Happy Trails Bruce and Mary! Love the work you do and the many contributions you've made to those of us who joyfully embrace stringed instruments. Long may you run!
    1. HonketyHank's Avatar
      HonketyHank -
      I bought a new, old stock, Weber Rawhide from a small shop in a small town near here last month. Sent in the registration. I was surprised and tickled to get a personal note from Bruce welcoming me to the Weber community.

      Happy retirement Bruce. I really like my new mandolin.
    1. Bill McCall's Avatar
      Bill McCall -
      Enjoy yourself, I'm sure you've earned the time. Love my old Absaroka and my new hat
    1. Marcus CA's Avatar
      Marcus CA -
      My 2011 Yellowstone mandolin and 2004 Gallatin mandocello are lifetime instruments, and the Renegade resonator octave mandolin is something to work towards. For making such varied, yet consistently excellent mandolin family instruments, I thank you thank you, thank you! Best wishes for joyful decades to come.
    1. ks4egray's Avatar
      ks4egray -
      I had the pleasure of a visit a few years back. You couldn't meet a nicer guy. Love my Yellowstone too!
    1. Zach Wilson's Avatar
      Zach Wilson -
      I can't thank you enough for my Yellowstone!
    1. Jonathan James's Avatar
      Jonathan James -
      Thanks for everything, Bruce. You've made the mandolin world an even better place!
    1. multidon's Avatar
      multidon -
      Congratulations Bruce! Although it sounds like you will still be plenty busy, I hope you will find time to enjoy retitrement. As a fellow retiree I highly recommend it! I love my 2 Bitterroots and am grateful to have them. I am also thankful for the personal touch you put on customer service over the years. I am sure Bruce Jr. will maintain the Weber family tradition! All my best to you and yours.
    1. Big Joe's Avatar
      Big Joe -
      I hope you take some time in your retirement to be retired. �� Have a great time.
    1. Gene Summers's Avatar
      Gene Summers -
      Enjoy your retirement Bruce! Your instruments are awesome :-)
    1. TC-in-NC's Avatar
      TC-in-NC -
      Thank you Bruce for my amazing 2006 Bitterroot F!! Enjoy your retirement - you've certainly earned it!! Am glad to hear that you will still be handling the repair / warranty end of things. I bought my mandolin used, and have been intrigued with the idea of Weber's "warranty recertification." You may be seeing mine soon
    1. foldedpath's Avatar
      foldedpath -
      Quote Originally Posted by TC-in-NC View Post
      Thank you Bruce for my amazing 2006 Bitterroot F!! Enjoy your retirement - you've certainly earned it!! Am glad to hear that you will still be handling the repair / warranty end of things. I bought my mandolin used, and have been intrigued with the idea of Weber's "warranty recertification." You may be seeing mine soon
      Same here, owner of a secondhand Yellowstone Traditional F Octave, with a Bruce signature. The thing is, it's so well made that I'm not sure I could ever take advantage of warranty recertification!

      Anyway, thanks Bruce for your involvement in keeping the FULL range of mandolins, big and small, in the marketplace. That shouldn't be underestimated. There are great independent luthiers out there making these things, but Weber has been a force in making sure there was a wide choice of mandolas, octave mandolins, and mandocellos to choose from.

      My Yellowstone F OM is a lifetime instrument for me, one of the very few that I'll never sell.
    1. Kevin Briggs's Avatar
      Kevin Briggs -
      Congratulations to Bruce!

      He is a model of talent and ethics, and a great family man. The custom Fern I had is still one of the best mandolins I've ever played, and I wish I had it back.

      En route to getting that mandolin, Bruce stepped into a purchase dispute I was having with the dealer and did something or other to resolve it, mostly likely eating some cost in the process.

      I went out there once with my dad for a Steve Kauffman workshop and just fell in love with the shop. In a different life, I'd be begging him for a job. He and Mary are just wonderful people, and I'm happy to know them,
    1. RedLion's Avatar
      RedLion -
      I LOVE my Bruce Weber signed custom Bitterroot F mandolin!
    1. John MacPhee's Avatar
      John MacPhee -
      I love my Special Edition. Thank you so much and Happy Days.
      Kind Regards
    1. Ivan Kelsall's Avatar
      Ivan Kelsall -
      It's close to 9 years now since i bought my Weber "Fern" from TAMCO in the UK, & it's sounding better than ever. I'm more than pleased that you're still 'on board' Bruce,
      Best wishes
      Ivan Kelsall
      Manchester UK
    1. Sweetpea44's Avatar
      Sweetpea44 -
      Thanks for all you have done for the Mandolin community! I love my Weber mandolin and mandola! Best wishes to you!