• Caterina Lichtenbergs's ArtistWorks School of Mandolin Announced

    Caterina Lichtenberg joins an esteemed group of online teaching artists and takes Classical Mandolin to new heights.

    Napa, Calif. — Revered classical mandolinist Caterina Lichtenberg's life has been a profound journey, touring through almost all of Europe, the US, Canada, Mongolia and Japan. And now her journey takes her to ArtistWorks as she brings her classical European perspective on technique and repertoire to personal online learning this spring, 2016.

    Caterina is a sought-after artist. In her classes, she will introduce online students to techniques that are essential to mastering classical mandolin pieces — arpeggios, cross-picking and tremolo in the classical style. Her online students will discover that the international repertoire of music for mandolin is almost unlimited.

    "We're excited to welcome Caterina to our growing list of award-winning faculty," says Patricia Butler, CEO ArtistWorks. "Numerous compositions have been written for her; her mastery of the mandolin is both profound and legendary."

    About ArtistWorks, Inc.

    In 2008, former AOL executive technologist David Butler set out to finally master jazz guitar. With no acceptable teachers in his area, he built a revolutionary online system to enable anyone to get direct feedback from a master teacher anywhere in the world. Founded by David and former financial executive Patricia Butler, ArtistWorks, Inc. is the leader in a new generation of online learning platforms. This patented Video Exchange® Learning platform enables world-renowned artists and musicians to "teach the world" by presenting their artistic legacy in the form of HD video lessons and direct feedback to subscribing students - creating an innovative, two-way online learning experience.

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    1. JeffD's Avatar
      JeffD -
      I think this could really be great.
    1. Sweetpea44's Avatar
      Sweetpea44 -
      Very excited!
    1. JeffD's Avatar
      JeffD -
      I am thinking that this might be (and probably is) advertised to the general classical music community. I would think that as many or more of the folks who sign up will be classical players of other instruments interested in expanding their options, as much as there will be mandolin players of different genres (from the café a lot of them) looking to explore classical.

      Which is actually kind of exciting. Again, just thinking out loud after too much morning coffee, but I think this program has a better chance of increasing the net number of mandolin players out there than does the other Artist Works programs.

      I hope is that it becomes a huge success and an institution in musical learning.
    1. WayneLetang's Avatar
      WayneLetang -
      I got both of her DVDs and they are great, I think this course will be awesome, I am in Mike Marshall's site which is great too. Being able to be one on one with an artist like her will be most beneficial . Wayne
    1. kvehe's Avatar
      kvehe -
      Pre-registration is now open, with a 20% discount. The membership begins on the date the school is opened.