• Mel Bay Releases Renaissance Tunebook by John Holenko

    Pacific, Mo. — Mel Bay Publications has announced the release of Renaissance Tunebook by John Holenko, a collection of compositions from the Renaissance presented as melodies with accompanying chord changes in standard notation.

    Suitable for any C melody instrument and/or any instrument that can play chord changes, the music includes some well known Renaissance melodies such as Greensleeves and La Folias, along with rarer dance pieces and song melodies.

    Some of these melodies come from as early as the 1400s and others as late as the 1600s. The music in this book is excellent for instrumentalists looking to expand their repertoire, build an early music ensemble, or for instructional purposes.

    The book also comes with a few "Grounds" (jamming chord progressions), rhythmic accompaniment ideas and performance notes.


    Bergerettes:Sans Roch
    Bishop, The:Miss Dolland's Delight
    Bonny Sweet Robin
    Branle Double
    Christchurch Bells
    Der Juden Tanz
    Don't Vient Cela
    Fairie Round, The
    Fine Knacks For Ladies
    Fortune My Foe
    Frog Galliard,The
    Go From My Window
    Guardeme Las Vacas
    Heigh Ho For A Husband
    Hey Robin, Joily Robin
    Honeysuckle, The
    Hunt Is Up, The
    I Care Not For These Ladies
    II Estoit Une Pillette
    It Was A Lover And His Lass
    J'ay Tant Bon Credit
    John Come Kiss Me Now
    Kemp's Jig
    La Bouree
    La Folias De Espana
    Lady Hudson's Puff
    Light'O Love
    Lillibul ero
    Martin Said To His Man
    Mignonne Allons Voir Si La Rose
    Monsieur's Almain
    Never Weather Beaten Sail
    Packington' s Pound
    Pastime With Good Company
    Pour Mon Coeur
    Quant Je Voi Yver
    Ronde I: Por Quoy
    Sellinger's Round
    Shepard's Dance
    Tant Que Vivray
    Tarleton's Jig
    Three Ravens
    Watkin's Ale
    What If A Day
    Willow Song, The
    Wilson's Wilde

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    1. Eric L's Avatar
      Eric L -
      Just a heads up from looking at the samples on the Mel Bay site, there does not appear to be any tablature.
    1. Scott Tichenor's Avatar
      Scott Tichenor -
      Eric, I contacted Mel Bay and pointed out the Specs section of their site indicated tablature was included. Received word back today that was in error so they've corrected on their end and I will do the same here. Thanks for catching that.