• Apitius Mandolins Back in Business

    Ontario, Canada
    — After a 10-year hiatus from his craft, Canadian based luthier Oliver Apitius has confirmed with us he is back in the business of building mandolins once again.

    Apitius he told us, "It feels great to be back pursuing my #1 passion. I've re-tooled for 2015 making new molds and fixtures for the body, peghead and fingerboard to more closely capture the look and feel of the 1920s.

    "I've also switched to a spirit vanish finish using an old European recipe that was handed down through the generations. This allows for a much thinner film thickness than typical spray lacquer and as a result, has little or no adverse damping effects on the instrument.

    "It is also non-toxic and sustainable as it's made from natural gums and resins and uses ethyl alcohol as a solvent. It is applied in the French polish method."

    A new web site has been launched with a gallery of photos of the new shop, pointers to recordings made by prominent musicians that have owned his mandolins, photos of newly constructed instruments, and an option to purchase detailed blueprints.

    Mandolins will be sold directly to consumers with pricing considerations and information on wait list availability provided upon request. A range of models, including photos and options are also available on his web site.

    Additional information

    The Apitius Rosine Model

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    1. UsuallyPickin's Avatar
      UsuallyPickin -
      This is excellent news .... congratulations Mr. A. You made lovely instruments and I look forward to seeing and hearing more from your shop. R/
    1. Cary Fagan's Avatar
      Cary Fagan -
      Great to hear! Oliver is a fine person and a great builder.
    1. bernabe's Avatar
      bernabe -
      Awesome news!