• Spencer Capier - Musical Chairs

    Canadian Spencer Capier has announced the release of his third solo recording, entitled Musical Chairs, a collection of new traditional fiddle tunes, old hymns with new twists, and timeless classics in a new light.

    Musical Chairs is a follow-up to his well received Christmas Instrumental recording of 2010 and Plays Well With Others from 2004.


    • Mop Rag
    • Go East
    • Sea to Sky
    • Walking the Picket
    • Santa Cruz
    • My Shepherd Is the Living Lord
    • Little Pine Siskin
    • La Brisa
    • Bourrée
    • Maggie's Mallard
    • Praise to the Lord
    • And Can It Be
    • Solace

    The track Mop Rag from the recording.

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