• Hal Leonard Mandolin Method - Book 2

    Milwaukee, Wi. — The Hal Leonard Corporation has announced the publication of Hal Leonard Mandolin Method - Book 2, by Rich DelGrosso.

    The book, which includes availability to online audio and is in standard notation only, is a follow-up to Book 1 which DelGrosso authored in 1986. Like Book 1, Book 2 is designed for anyone just learning to play mandolin.

    This easy-to-use beginner's guide includes fun songs of different styles to learn and play.

    About the new publication DelGrosso told us, "The focus of Method One was to learn the basic skills and to read standard music on the mandolin. It has some tablature to assist. I believe it's important for students to learn by ear and to read music. Then the world of music is open to them. All of the music in Method Two is in standard notation. And I have always used duets as a teaching tool so that teachers and students can play and practice together.

    "I have received a great response from mandolin players everywhere I go. It speaks to the longevity of Method One. They will love Method Two as they explore different forms of melody, styles rhythms and techniques. It was fun to create."

    Topics covered

    • modes and scales
    • time signatures
    • transposing
    • fretboard positions
    • solos and duets
    • styles spanning blues
    • Bluegrass, Celtic, ragtime, traditional, old time, classical and more

    Includes access to audio tracks online, for download or streaming, performed by the author.

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      August Watters -
      That's great news! Congratulations to Rich DelGrosso.