• New in Print - Mandolins and Beer Presents: The 365 Project

    Mandolins and Beer - The 365 Project

    CHARLESTON, S.C. — Daniel Patrick has announced the release of his new book, Mandolins and Beer Podcast Presents: The 365 Project.

    About the project Daniel is telling his followers, "The idea is to work on one lick a day until you have worked up an entire solo! So if you only have 10 minutes a day to play, here is a great resource for you! This is Book One of what will eventually be three books."

    A free sample download is available. For a full version you can follow Daniel on his Patreon channel where each level gets you more features of the book. Or, you can purchase directly with Paypal or Venmo. The PDF version of the book only is $10 or you can get the book and all of the MP3s for only $15. If you use Venmo or Paypal please put in the description which version you’d like to purchase.

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