• D'Addario Monel String Sets Giveaway

    D'Addario Monel Mandolin Strings

    Farmingdale, N.Y. — D'Addario has announced they are giving away sets of their new Monel mandolin strings along with a host of other D'Addario and Planet Waves accessories in a special giveaway hosted by the Mandolin Cafe.

    Registration will commence from a link on the Mandolin Cafe home page 8:00 a.m. (Central) August 7 and conclude 8:00 a.m. August 14, and is open to all visitors from all locations. No purchase is necessary.

    Twelve (12) winning entries will be selected upon completion of the giveaway with each winner receiving the following:

    • 3 Sets EJM74 Mandolin Strings, Monel, Medium, 11-40
    • 3 Sets EJM75C Mandolin Strings, Monel, Medium Plus, 11-41
    • 1 D'Addario/Planet Waves NS micro tuner PW-CT-12
    • 3 Pack of Acrylux picks (2AR7-03, 2AN7-03)
    • 1 Strap 75M00
    • 1 Capo PW-CP-11

    About D'Addario Monel Mandolin Strings

    Monel is a classic nickel alloy that offers a balanced and natural tone popular among vintage enthusiasts. The new Monel Mandolin sets offer in loop-end construction for universal fit, featuring consistent, high-quality strings that have an unprecedented tone and tuning stability.

    D'Addario Monel Mandolin string sets are $18.50 MSRP / $11.99 MAP.

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    1. Roger Moss's Avatar
      Roger Moss -
      Sounds good.
    1. mandopixie's Avatar
      mandopixie -
      Sounds tasty - That's a whole lot of strings, and a box of goodies, to boot! Giving out 12 of these, so fangers, toes and eyes crossed over here.
      Thanks again to The Mandolin Cafe and D'Addario..and Yum!
    1. yankees1's Avatar
      yankees1 -
      I just put a set on my Ellis F5 . They sound fine but I prefer GHS A270's to my ear.
    1. Doc Ivory's Avatar
      Doc Ivory -
      I"m ready!
    1. Bob Clark's Avatar
      Bob Clark -
      I sure appreciate all these giveaway drawings Scott lines up for us. They are a lot of fun. I think they also show that the people making the things we use (mandolins, strings, amplifiers, etc) value the Cafe and its connection to all of us. What could be better?

      BTW, the Schertler drawing a while back that I won has directly resulted in the sale of at least a couple of Schertler pickups that I am aware of. It has also made a number of players in my area aware of their great products and may result in more sales. I am really glad to see that working out for Schertler. I want our industry supporters to prosper as well. It is good for all of us!

      Good luck!

    1. mandopixie's Avatar
      mandopixie -
      Yes, it's all about the individual ear- and the individual mandolin..
    1. yankees1's Avatar
      yankees1 -
      Quote Originally Posted by mandopixie View Post
      Yes, it's all about the individual ear- and the individual mandolin..
      I think they would sound better too if they were free from winning a set !!
    1. mandopixie's Avatar
      mandopixie -
      Quote Originally Posted by yankees1 View Post
      I think they would sound better too if they were free from winning a set !!
      I do believe that you are right in this thinking, yankees1. Hopefully, I'll be able to confirm or deny soon enough!
    1. Glassweb's Avatar
      Glassweb -
      I just put a set of these on my F5 and they sound fantastic. They also feel very smooth on the fingers. Might be my new go-to set... have been using the EXPs for awhile but these have a smoother, warmer sound... NICE!