• Philadelphia Mandolin Ensemble - Global Mandolization

    Philadelphia Mandolin Ensemble - Global Mandolization
    Philadelphia, Penn. — The Philadelphia Mandolin Ensemble is proud to announce the release of a new recording entitled Global Mandolization, their first after ten years of playing together.

    About the recording PME's Mark Linkins told us, "Our intent with this CD was to highlight the unique instrumentation and diverse musical influences that shape our sound. In addition to mandolin family instruments and guitars, the ensemble includes hammered dulcimer, flute/recorder, percussion, and soprano voice.

    "The repertoire, which includes both arrangements and original compositions, ranges from klezmer to Celtic, from Gershwin to the Carter Family, and from Mozart to Piazzolla."

    The ensemble meets once a week at Todaro's Music in Lansdowne, PA to prepare material upcoming performances.


    From the recording Global Mandolization, the track "Temperance Reel."

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