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  1. New Shop Update

    Things are moving along now that itís not winter anymore -for the moment anyway. We should be partially in the new shop in a few weeks, and can begin making parts and Rangers once again- Lord willing and the creek donít rise (a bluegrass title if there ever was one). Things always take longer, especially if it's a 100 year old barn.
    We really appreciate the patience of those waiting for pickguards, Rangers, etc.
    *edited to add, Bruce is accepting all repairs and MAC instruments ...

    Updated Apr-02-2021 at 12:51pm by Mary Weber

  2. Custom Armrest

    I'm posting a couple of pics of an extra long armrest for a Gibson, I believe. The player picked his inlay design and it turned out great! However my photography skills (or lack of) didn't catch the pretty abalone colors all that well.
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  3. Combining Addictions

    Ice is almost off and I was thinking about fishing...
    Personalize your mando.
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  4. Ahhh- New Frets!!

    Happy Player:

    Well Done Bruce!! My mando arrived on Tuesday evening and I pulled it out last night after work and couldn't put it down. I absolutely love it. Just being able to swing away and not click is going to help me so much. Speed neck is a big improvement as well. I kinda thought it would be but never felt like trying to scrap it down myself. Also, the nut and frets are super nice. What are those frets? they kinda shimmer like brass or something. I've never had new ...
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  5. Tenth Anniversary Instrument

    A tenth anniversary Weber mandolin owner sent over these pics on Facebook.

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  6. Scalloping

  7. Coming out of Hibernation

    Even though our thermometer is still hovering around zero we are engaged in a social whirl of activity. Link up:


    *So far on Pinterest I've mostly seen Bill Monroe and Alison Krauss under 'bluegrass', but I've just started. Maybe they are mostly who the 'outside' know about bluegrass music? I like to catch myself sort of thinking in a bubble world- makes you catch a glimpse...oh never mind. You can get stuck on Pinterest for HOURS.
  8. Don't Do This

    Never adjust your truss rod, then try to do it all at once.
    It will look like this- after it sticks out the back of the neck.
    Neck replacement

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    It strikes me that I am going to have take some pretty mando, or mando player, pictures to offset repair pics as they are not very pretty. Kinda scary actually. Wait for the next one.
  9. Mando Repair

    It's better to have your mando repaired locally, however you have probably run into the situation where the local guy is really only familiar with guitars. We know mandos are a different animal (I was thinking more grizzly or tiger icon-Scott : )

    Choose the Mandolin Authority
    Feel free to call and chat with Bruce 406-580-6065

    Do you like our new logo?

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  10. Job Opening at Weber

    We are looking for a Finish Tech.
    I'm posting this as it's such a specialized and key position, and we want to go beyond Montana in our search. If you are qualified, or know somebody who may be interested, check out the job description below and we can start the conversation. Email me:

    Minimum four years using spray equipment and experience with lacquer a must. Responsible for stain and lacquer application, buffing , wet sanding, and inspection.Must be ...
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