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  1. Buying a Beginner Mandolin Advice

    Here's the advice I give aspiring players looking for their first instrument and some general new to instruments shopping advice. I assume you know nothing about stringed instruments, floating bridges, string gauges, picks (just like me when I got my first). I also figure that $500 is pretty much the upper limit (or way above their upper limit) for just getting started in a new hobby. If someone told me I had to spend $500-1000 to see if I would like playing the mandolin, I wouldn't be playing ...
  2. Me and My Mandos

    Well, I'll bite at the blog bait. I don't think I will write very many but this may be a worthwhile place to store information on me and my mando collection. Not to brag (maybe about the skills of the builders not my ownership) but to let others know what I've had and how I liked them.

    First Mandolins 2001
    Lone Star Venice. Tuners weren't the best and needed a good set up. I've read these don't make good first mandolins because of the tonal complexity. Dunno, it looked ...

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