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  1. Guitar dreams and where does the time go?

    Imagine it is late at night, you've got the headphones on and you are looking up the past, looking up the big impressive tunes that changed your life, years ago. Some really good brandy warming your chest, it is very quiet, everyone is asleep.

    Earlier I mentioned that I had a friend who could sing like Joni Mitchell. I was thinking of her and the lyrics to Amelia. Some of it goes:

    I was driving across the burning desert
    When I spotted six jet planes
  2. My own blog? Who would read this stuff?

    Hmmm, let's see now, I guess I should start with a biography. My personal musical history. I just watched Mike Marshall's 'live interview' from Germany (October 2014). And I recalled what I was doing when he described his musical background. It is far more interesting... but I'm a little older than him.

    Anyway, in high school I began in earnest playing guitar, a hand made classical guitar from a luthier neighbor. I then bought a Gibson J40 adjustable bridge steel string from a folk ...