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Rob Zamites

  1. The Kit Arrives!

    Well, it's here. I have mixed feelings of anticipatory nervousness, pure joy and sheer terror!

    Rather than try to put all the resized pictures here, I'll just share the link to an online album:

    The Renaissance Mandobeast Kit Arrives!

    Going to read the assembly guide once or a hundred times, then do a dry fitting of a few things before getting started. For a fact, the following will be modified:

    • my own custom soundhole
    • custom binding
  2. The Workbench

    I finished building my workbench and just have to debate/decide how I'm going to 'carpet' the top:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    It's 60" long, 20" deep and 32.5" tall - maybe a bit short, but if I find I need to raise it higher, not a big deal with a couple of 4x4's.

    My kit is put together at Musicmakers, and as soon as that last bit of cash gets in Paypal, I'm paying for it ...
  3. Baby Steps

    Having been bitten several times on and off the past 6 or so years with the CBOM bug, and spending money to have other luthiers create instruments for me, I've decided that I'll never be truly satisfied until I'm making my own instruments.

    I did the exact same thing in a previous life, where I was a highly recognized homebrewer (I was the runner up in first Sam Adams World Homebrew Contest back in '96), then did a string of head brewer gigs. I eventually gave up because it was never ...