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Kristen Knott

  1. Mando Lessons Teacher in San Antonio. TX?

    So I have been messing around with my mandolin on and off the past couple months but I haven't truly committed myself to fully learning reason being I think I need some healthy added pressure of a lesson teacher.

    With that said, does anyone know a mandolin lesson teacher in the San Antonio, TX area?
  2. New Mandolin Player

    Hello All!

    So I need some advice on where I should start. I just recently bought a simple Rouge mandolin and I don't know where I should begin. Anyone have any advice for a new mandolin player? I do have a background in playing music (clarinet for 8 years) so I know how to read music.
    Also, I live in San Antonio, TX So if anyone knows of a great private lesson teacher please me know!

    Any helpful hints would be great!