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  1. Mandolin Mondays #83 /// "Tennessee Waltz"

    What key do you play the "TN Waltz" in? How about all of them!

    Worked up this crazy arrangement in anticipation of my upcoming lesson series on Mandolins Heal the World called Waltz Warehouse. In the series, I'll walk you through 7 different bluegrass waltzes, along with a host of waltz specific mandolin techniques. Subscribe here to get full access:

    As always, thanks ...
  2. Mandolin Mondays #72 w/ Special Guest Don Julin

    Creator of Mandolins Heal the World, Don Julin is here with us this week playing a sweet Led Zeppelin song on his Airline Electric Mandola.

    Don Julin is a Michigan-based performer and instructor who has been at the forefront of mandolin education for many years. In 2012, Don wrote and released the popular mandolin learning resource, Mandolins for Dummies--a veritable smorgasbord of mandolin history, exercises, techniques, ...