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  1. g-mac's Avatar
    Wow! Beautiful arrangement and very expressive playing. Well done, sir!!
  2. asIsaidtomyfriend's Avatar
    Perfect music for my coffee and oatmeal breakfast at 6am. Thank you Richard for starting my day off right!
  3. Rick Jones's Avatar
    Absolutely lovely! I'll be spending some serious time trying to transcribe this - unless there is an arrangement available?
  4. Nick Royal's Avatar
    Richard is a great player....and a friendly guy! He turned me on to some nice classical duos by
    German composer, Kurt Schwaen
  5. Cheryl Watson's Avatar
    Hey Richard, that's a superbly creative and flowing arrangement, very well played, and nice Ellis!
  6. Don Stiernberg's Avatar
    Okay now we're talkin'!
  7. Tom Fuldner's Avatar
    Brilliant work, Mr. Kriehn! Thank you for sharing your arrangement of what Sir Paul has said is one of his favorite songs. You do it more than justice.
  8. DougC's Avatar
    A very nice and 'masterful' arrangement of the tune. Richard most always shows a relaxed and complete command of the instrument. He's definitely one of the top mandolin players in the world.

  9. cayuga red's Avatar
    Good playing and what a mandolin!
  10. Alfons's Avatar
    Beautiful! Great arrangement, and nice mix of techniques throughout.
  11. James Vwaal's Avatar
    Very nice!
  12. Alfons's Avatar
    Nice arrangement! That's some serious fun.
  13. Leester's Avatar
    Well done Marcel, thanks for sharing your talents with us.
  14. newton's Avatar
    Very nice!
  15. cayuga red's Avatar
    Nice little tune. And another great sounding Gibson. Thanks for sharing.
  16. Cheryl Watson's Avatar
    Hi Mickey, nice chord melody version of Mr. Sandman. Looks like you have been playing the heck out of your Gibson!
  17. jnikora's Avatar
    Had to listen twice - pretty sure I'll be back again!
  18. DanielP's Avatar
    Yep. Bravo !
  19. Nick Royal's Avatar
    Really nice!! A great song and I liked his interpretation of it.
  20. Jesse Appelman's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Don Stiernberg
    Chord-Melody Rules!
    you're a jazz man
    did everyone spot the copy of Tea For One on top of the vinyl collection? That record is by one of Hank Williams's best friends.
    really great Jesse
    Thanks so much, Don! That means a lot. Hope we can play some tunes one of these days. And yeah, I figured you might notice Jethro lurking behind me, watching my every move, making me sweat...
  21. Don Stiernberg's Avatar
    Chord-Melody Rules!
    you're a jazz man
    did everyone spot the copy of Tea For One on top of the vinyl collection? That record is by one of Hank Williams's best friends.
    really great Jesse
  22. Rich0522's Avatar
    Jesse....Thanks for posting this one! Love this song and have never heard it played so great on solo Mandolin.
    Sounded fantastic!
  23. Alfons's Avatar
    Wow! Love me some Hank Williams, and some chord melody. Now I love 'em together! Brilliant.
  24. cayuga red's Avatar
    Very tasteful playing. Good sounding mando. Thanks for posting.
  25. Glassweb's Avatar
  26. DaveNils's Avatar
    Yowza. Beautiful playing and song selection. My fav Monday session in recent memory. When I consider exactly how I want a mandolin to sound...Jesse and that Nugget pretty much nail it.
  27. Alfons's Avatar
    Very nice.
  28. Don Grieser's Avatar
    Gabe has been to a couple of the Monroe Camps. Always a blast to have him in a jam there. What a fine young player! Kudos to David for featuring Gabe! And that Sullivan is a hoss.
    Updated Jan-29-2024 at 11:49am by Don Grieser
  29. cayuga red's Avatar
    Great young talent and terrific tune. And that Sullivan is a keeper.

    Belmont University should be very proud.

    Thanks for posting!
  30. Paul Statman's Avatar
  31. cayuga red's Avatar
    Nothing like a Gibson.
    Great tune.
  32. Alfons's Avatar
    Thanks Pete! Nicely done. Cool tone you're getting out of that A2.
  33. cayuga red's Avatar
    Terrific and very sweet performance by a talented musician. She does justice to that fine sounding mandolin.
  34. Eric Hanson's Avatar
    Talented young lady!
    It will be great to see more of her success as she continues play!
  35. rbep's Avatar
    That's splendid playing. Luke makes it look easy. That's the mark of a real master. And the tone isn't just the instrument, I also play a Duff and, even though it's a fantastic instrument, I don't sound half so good.
  36. darylcrisp's Avatar
    loved it, thanks for be here and performing for us!
  37. Alfons's Avatar
    Fine music on a fine mandolin. Great job
  38. Nick Royal's Avatar
    Really nice! ...he makes it look easy....which for would not be so.
  39. cayuga red's Avatar
    Snappy tune, well played. Stiver makes a fine mandolin. Thanks for posting.
  40. Mike Marshall's Avatar
    SO nice to see our mandocellos getting some love, Thanks Luke for doing it so well. More please!
  41. Alfons's Avatar
    Love the articulation
  42. tmsweeney's Avatar
    Really great playing by Luke, he has a lot of great solo mandocello videos out there.
  43. Jim Imhoff's Avatar
    Luke is one of the players and composers that contributed to my mandocello meets at CMSA conventions. His music and his playing are creative, nimble, and beautiful. He puts to rest the argument I hear so often (in the CBOM thread) that the mandocello is too difficult to play, the C string is too heavy, get an octave instead...etc. My teacher Fabio Giudice says that most people playing the MCello are mandolin players who picked it up for ensemble work, to fill out the quartet or orchestra. Luke is clearly a master of the instrument on its own terms, and is creating more music specifically for it; glad he is getting this recognition.
  44. Perry's Avatar
    Really enjoyed everything about that.
  45. DouglasC's Avatar
    Beautiful playing and composition. The tone of that instrument is fantastic and really used to its advantage here. Happy to know about Luke William Wright, I will be looking for more of his music.
  46. grassrootphilosopher's Avatar
    I am smitten by that mandocello tone. The piece and the playing are nice also.
  47. Don Grieser's Avatar
    Beautiful melody and playing. Gorgeous tone on that Duff cello.
  48. cayuga red's Avatar
    Good tune and fine playing. And what a mandocello!
  49. Cary Fagan's Avatar
    Really beautiful. LWW has really devoted himself to the instrument. A new year's treat.
  50. JonDoug's Avatar
    A lovely composition played with outstanding skill on an instrument with a beautiful, subtle voice makes a great way to start the new year—many thanks!
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