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    It's great to see Chris here playing his lovely piece. I recall meeting him, and doing workshops with him at the Mandolin Symposium in Santa Cruz. At that tine, he shared with us many of his pieces from his studies in London.
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    Lovely and fitting tribute indeed. Impressive technical performance with a poignant delivery. Thank you.
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    Fitting tribute for a wonderful lady. Well done, Chris.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Joe Dodson
    Nice picking! I saw the Purple Hulls in League City Texas last year. They are super talented. Love that Texas swing.
    Yup great group!
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    Fine job and great styling!
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    Aw Yeah!!!! Goodbye Liza tasty! The 3 T's for sure.....
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    Nice picking! I saw the Purple Hulls in League City Texas last year. They are super talented. Love that Texas swing.
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    Nicely done! Thanks for sharing.
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    Yay! Great picking from another of my absolute favorite musicians!
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    Welcome, Abigail. Great example of the 3 T's: tone, taste and timing. Very well played!
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    Very nice indeed.
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    Great mandolin stuff on a beautiful Monroe piece! NICE!
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    Really lovely all the way around!
    I especially liked that little run just before the 1 minute mark.

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    I was stationed in the Netherlands back in the 80's, witnessed strong blues and jazz influences everywhere (North Sea Jazz festival - incredible!).

    That was as tasty and precise as it gets Sir! You could probably find a few folks lined up for a double stop lesson should you choose to teach one.
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    Like your adaptation very much.
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    Very nice!
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    Beautiful picking! Check that pick grip! Never seen that before
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    Good stuff... thanks!
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    Welcome, Paul. Nicely played!
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    Any chance a feller might be able to get a tab of that one someplace? Great tune, impressively rendered.
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    Very nice. I love how those Northfields sound in the hands of talented artists. I was also digging the fishing poles in the background. Haha
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    Really great. Well done!
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    Great stuff indeed!
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    Like Bill I have been following you and the Purple Hulls for many years. You are good folks! Glad to see you get this well deserved recognition. You should get together again with the Quebe Sisters -- that was a nice performance.
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    Very nice playing by a very nice lady. Been a fan for a while.

    Thanks so much.
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    Yay, one of my favorite pickers, with some awesome picking!
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    That was awesome!
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    Very nicely played! Welcome, Penny.
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    I’m feeling them blues! Also, thanks for writing the book that helped me learn mandolin. ☺️
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    Nice version, Jack. I went to your you tube link and listened to the version with words - I like it! Sounds like the words could have been there all along.
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    Great playing, makes me want to dance, and I can’t dance!
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    Well done Jack.
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    Very nice playing Jack. So nice to see.
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    Loved it, and love that Pomeroy!
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    Lovely, groovy down to earth playing, I love it!
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    Very nice playing and nice mandolin!
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    Welcome, Jack. Great playing!
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    Wicked-awesome feel-good blues, and what tone and expression! Cheers!
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    Enough tasty mandolin blues licks to last a lifetime!
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    Yowza. Way to represent the Bayou City!
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    That put a smile on my face !!!
  50. Bill Foss's Avatar
    You make that National talk!
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