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  1. Alfons's Avatar
    Nicely done, cool instrument.
  2. Jonathan Reinhardt's Avatar
    Thank you Greg and David. Rather special.
  3. Todd Bowman's Avatar
    Very cool instrument, composition, and playing!
  4. withfoam's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Honeybucket
    Does that thing have fanned frets?
    Looks like it to me, too. Neat!
  5. mandrian's Avatar
    Enjoyed that.
  6. Honeybucket's Avatar
    Does that thing have fanned frets?
  7. Mandolin Cafe's Avatar
    Really enjoy that! Nicely played, Greg.

    The Burlington reference is the one in Vermont.
  8. Todd Bowman's Avatar
    Absolutely beautiful! Signing up for the master class!!
  9. Michael Eck's Avatar
    Heck yeah! I've had the great good luck to see Thile live twice in the past three weeks for outdoor solo shows. The new record should be a treat.
  10. Alfons's Avatar
    Oh yeah! Beautiful composition and playing. I vote for Brian's "Couch surfing on the event horizon".

    Unlike Cheryl, I did not quite get every note right - if only we had that pick information...
  11. mugbucket's Avatar
    "The 10 Fret Stretch", or "Have Fun Transposing This to Am".

    Thanks Mr. Thile, keep them coming.
  12. BrianWilliam's Avatar
    How about “Couch surfing on the event horizon”?

    What pick are you using?
  13. Mike Romkey's Avatar
    Now that was a surprise! Happy 250th. My how time flies.
  14. Cheryl Watson's Avatar
    I don't know how I was able to play every note right along with Chris, in unison, the first time through.
    Thank you, Chris, for gorgeous, creative, piece and for doing Mandolin Monday!
  15. Chrimess's Avatar
    Johann's redneck milkshake
  16. dang's Avatar
  17. Mandolin Cafe's Avatar
    Welcome, Chris!

    And special congratulations to David Benedict for hitting another milestone with Mandolin Mondays #250, one of the great things going on in the mandolin world. Here's a toast of fine morning coffee to the next 250!
  18. LucyL's Avatar
    Thank you everyone!! Thanks to David Benedict for letting me be a part of the series!
  19. Mike Romkey's Avatar
    Well played. Great sounding mandolin.
  20. addamr's Avatar
    Nice picking Lucy. That Doug Clark Mandolin sounds super as well.
  21. Alfons's Avatar
    Well done! Your picking and that mando both sound great, and I like that floating right hand technique as well.
  22. Paul Statman's Avatar
    The glare dazzled me. I think we just witnessed a rising star.
  23. Drew Egerton's Avatar
    great job Lucy!
  24. Todd Bowman's Avatar
    A wonderful performance, Lucy! Great job!
  25. dang's Avatar
    Wow, was that a little of Limerock thrown in there at 1:08? Very cool!

    Well done for any age, wish I picked like that at 18!
  26. Mandolin Cafe's Avatar
    Great job, Lucy! Welcome to Mandolin Mondays.
  27. Todd Bowman's Avatar
    Great pickin'!!!
  28. John Soper's Avatar
    You go, Elijah!
  29. Skip Kelley's Avatar
    Nice job, Elijah! Looking forward to all you will accomplish musically.
  30. Hubs's Avatar
    Nice, keep on!
  31. Drew Egerton's Avatar
    An excellent picker and a great young man as well. Nice job Elijah! Proud of another fellow Bibey camp picker!
  32. William Smith's Avatar
    Mighty fine job on that one! Killer sounding Apitius!
  33. Jim Taylor's Avatar
    Good stuff! Thanks!
  34. AlanN's Avatar
  35. Mandolin Cafe's Avatar
    Nice work, Elijah! We'll be watching for you in the future.
  36. Gabriel Wiseman's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by cayuga red
    Very nice! You do justice to that Gibson Bibey.
    Thanks!! I just picked up that mandolin. I’m liking it a lot!
  37. Gabriel Wiseman's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by mtucker
    Nice clean playing man! TY!
  38. Gabriel Wiseman's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by John Soper
    Good 'un! Nice bluesy weary notes.
    Appreciate that man!
  39. Gabriel Wiseman's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Todd Bowman
    Well done Gabriel!!
  40. Gabriel Wiseman's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Mandolin Cafe
    Welcome, Gabriel. Nicely played!
    Thanks so much!
  41. cayuga red's Avatar
    Very nice! You do justice to that Gibson Bibey.
  42. mtucker's Avatar
    Nice clean playing man! TY!
  43. John Soper's Avatar
    Good 'un! Nice bluesy weary notes.
  44. Drew Egerton's Avatar
    Yea Gabe! Great job buddy!
  45. Todd Bowman's Avatar
    Well done Gabriel!!
  46. Mandolin Cafe's Avatar
    Welcome, Gabriel. Nicely played!
  47. Anglocelt's Avatar
    Really nice and tasteful playing. A nice combination of old time and Scottish feel to those variations. When the world returns to normal I will look out for the Fountaineers next time I pass through Glasgow.
  48. giannisgrass's Avatar
    Awesome job, young lad !!!
  49. Alfons's Avatar
    Skip said it - Nice style of playing! I really like how the focus and emphasis moved around in that arrangement.
  50. Skip Kelley's Avatar
    Really nice! Callum has a nice style of playing!
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