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  1. Alfons's Avatar
    Effectively mutilated indeed. Certainly the playing was cool and effective. Nice job.
  2. j tsik's Avatar
    i'm speechless....
  3. Dagger Gordon's Avatar
    Indeed. The mando might be 'mutilated', but I think it sounds very effective. He seems quite a cool character altogether, judging from the range of music he's been involved in.
  4. Todd Bowman's Avatar
    Very cool!
  5. Mandolin Cafe's Avatar
    Wow, great touch. I remembered Daniel's name from a very long time ago, as in a high school student that wrote a paper in 1998 that got shared on this site. Hadn't looked at it in years. Had to use Google to find it.
  6. Lorenzo LaRue's Avatar
    ....Wow...plays like the wind!....
  7. Matt Livingston's Avatar
    This is why I love Mandolin Mondays and the Mandolin Cafe. Obrigado, Danilo! Obrigado, David! Obrigado, Scott!
  8. giannisgrass's Avatar
    Heavy emotional...I'm in tears!
  9. Ranger Bob's Avatar
    Simply stunning!
  10. Alfons's Avatar
    Fabuloso! Danilo's playing and arrangements never fail to make me exclaim out loud. This song is just one of 12 beautiful reasons to track down Sem Restrições from 2008. Fantastic music. Also not to be missed is Danilo's visit to the NPR Tiny Desk series:
  11. Nbayrfr's Avatar
    All of the above!����
  12. Glassweb's Avatar
    now THAT'S mandolin playing! superb...
  13. mandrian's Avatar
    Spellbinding. I don’t see anyone asking for the tab!

  14. Mandomusic's Avatar
  15. Don Stiernberg's Avatar
    Beautiful and inspiring.
  16. Denny Gies's Avatar
  17. Mandolin Cafe's Avatar
    Obrigado, Daniel!
  18. Dagger Gordon's Avatar
  19. Todd Bowman's Avatar
    WOW! WOW! WOW! From the first note! Absolutely beautiful!
  20. Alfons's Avatar
    NICE! Of course we come for the mandolin, but the vocals were great! Really enjoyed the whole thing. Nice playing, and that is a fine sounding mando too. Thanks.
  21. chasray's Avatar
    Thank you!
  22. Demetrius's Avatar
    That was great Jacob! Aside from the illustrations being amazing, It's crazy how accurate you got their right hand picking angles perfect...
  23. wildpikr's Avatar
    Nice medley...thanks! Would you happen to have a copy of those tunes you'd care to share?
  24. DougC's Avatar
    I think a 'self portrait' is in order for such fine playing.
  25. William Smith's Avatar
    Great Stuff!
  26. Mandolin Cafe's Avatar
    Welcome, Jacob. Beautiful tone on your Krishot.
  27. John Soper's Avatar
    Nice tune, played nicely on a really nice mandolin!
  28. giannisgrass's Avatar
    Fisher's Hornpipe... very nice, good job!
  29. EvanElk's Avatar
  30. William Smith's Avatar
    Very nice, and great sounding mandolin! Never played one of those.
  31. Mandolin Cafe's Avatar
    Nice version. Welcome, Zachary.
  32. Skip Kelley's Avatar
    Fine picking, Spencer!
  33. Gan Ainm's Avatar
    Great chops on a fine tune, Spencer. Keep up that great building tradition inherited from Gerald, (greatly missed). #136 sounds better every year. Hope to see you playing out, too.
  34. Alfons's Avatar
    Another Mando Monster - Thanks Spencer!
  35. AlanN's Avatar
  36. Sperry's Avatar
    Wow, very nice! Great playing and that mandolin sounds amazing!
  37. Northwest Steve's Avatar
    Great playing. Frst time I heard Spencer play was a YouTube video of Cherokee Shuffle, really great. He makes a nice mandolin as well.
  38. ccravens's Avatar
    Very tastey!

  39. oliverkollar's Avatar
    Very nice indeed!
  40. William Smith's Avatar
    Sounded mighty fine!
  41. Mandolin Cafe's Avatar
    Welcome, Spencer. Nicely played!
  42. darylcrisp's Avatar
    that was great!
    smooth, clear and resonant playing.
    the mandolin looks great also, love that color.

  43. James Rankine's Avatar
    Brilliant. I had lessons from Evan a few years ago - he’d just graduated from University with a music degree and was already flying. I remember him saying “when I find something I can’t do on the mandolin I practice and practice it until I can do it”
  44. Paul Statman's Avatar
    Beautiful, Evan. Thanks.
  45. mjfidel's Avatar
    Epic playing. Rich tone, fast and accurate.
  46. burt50's Avatar
    Beautiful!!! Great tone and great sounding mandolin...Thanks Evan
  47. John Soper's Avatar
    Thanks, Evan. Nice arrangement!
  48. Stephen Cagle's Avatar
    I loved it! Fantastic playing!
  49. Todd Bowman's Avatar
    Great arrangement! Love the voicings towards the end.
  50. Franc Homier Lieu's Avatar
    Fantastic arrangement of one of my favorite tunes. Thanks, Evan!
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