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  1. Paul Statman's Avatar
    What a delightful, fun piece, and dastardly execution. Thank you for that!
  2. Gunnar's Avatar
    Great picking!
  3. Skip Kelley's Avatar
    Nicely done Andy!
  4. Bill Foss's Avatar
    Tuneful and lovely!
  5. Ken Carroll's Avatar
    Way to go, Andy!!! Very nice!
  6. Rick Jones's Avatar
    Well done - and THANK YOU for making the transcription available.
  7. UsuallyPickin's Avatar
    Tasty Mr. Andy truly toothsome.
  8. Alfons's Avatar
    Nice !!!
  9. Mandolin Cafe's Avatar
    Welcome, Andy. Very tasteful. Love it.
  10. Robert Mitchell's Avatar
  11. William Smith's Avatar
    Very nice and well played on that Gibson, that like every mando Monday makes my day! How do I get to be on here to play one of the many fine old mandolins in my herd? I can play well- well sometimes anyway-LoL
  12. Luna Pick's Avatar
    Ekaterina, thank you for sharing this beautiful piece. You're an amazing artist.
  13. EvanElk's Avatar
    what tone and how her right hand appears to just float over the strings in the first movement
  14. Joe Dodson's Avatar
    Wow. That was beautiful.
  15. JeffD's Avatar
  16. Gunnar's Avatar
    Wow that was amazing!
  17. DougC's Avatar
    I can see why she's won all of thoes awards. Ekaterina graces the world of mandolin music.
  18. Martin Jonas's Avatar
    I've always loved Victor's "Diferencias", although it's well outside my skill range. It sounds wonderful on the A-9, an instrument I wouldn't have associated with this piece. Exceptional playing!
  19. tbown's Avatar
    Beautiful piece and playing!
  20. Mandolin Cafe's Avatar
    Welcome, Ekaterina. Beautiful piece of music and very beautifully played!
  21. mandohat's Avatar
    Ha! That's hard to do!
  22. bbcee's Avatar
    Wow, that's great, Jesper!! Hope to see you at the next Barcelona BG Camp!!
  23. Alfons's Avatar
    Big Fun!
  24. BeachMando's Avatar
    Well, I know the next technique I'll be attempting to figure out

    Great stuff!
  25. William Smith's Avatar
    Killer rhythm and lead-different but very KOOL man! Love it!
  26. Gunnar's Avatar
    Wow! That was almost confusing, seeing one mando and hearing two..... very impressive!
  27. WillHelton's Avatar
    Godt klaret, Jesper!

    We'll have to incorporate that into our next playing session. How about we try to make that before next year's mando workshop? :D

    Really great job, man. Very impressed.
  28. Philphool's Avatar
    "Chop Melody". Very cool.
  29. mtucker's Avatar
    Awesome, TY!
  30. Scotter's Avatar
    Thank you so much, Jesper! I immediately recognized the "Chop Melody Style" as something unique and it's something I've been doing on ukulele for years without ever really giving it a name. And yet I've never really thought to try it on mandolin although Sierra Hull employs a similar technique on her version of "People Get Ready."

    Your improvisation book looks great and I will definitely be ordering a copy.
  31. Mandolin Cafe's Avatar
    Welcome, Jesper. Great arrangements!
  32. TimB989's Avatar
    That was excellent! I want to dip my toe into the Celtic waters and this just makes me want to more.
  33. cayuga red's Avatar
    What a musician....What a mandolin!
  34. DaveGinNJ's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Al Trujillo
    Beautiful!! I feel like we should help Sierra come up with a name for this lovely song.

    BTW, once named would a tab be available?
    Tab or not, there is no way I could play that!
  35. Bud Barnwell's Avatar
    As always in everything you play. OUTSTANDING
  36. Paul Statman's Avatar
    Gobsmacked over here.
  37. darylcrisp's Avatar
    wonderful and neat!
  38. John Soper's Avatar
    Wow! Wonderful! Encore!
  39. EvanElk's Avatar
  40. ccravens's Avatar
    Awesome. Loved it!

    The part at 1:30-1:33 (harmonic & hammer-on) - very cool.
  41. William Smith's Avatar
    Great stuff, Sierra never disappoints! I remember my band having to go onstage after her band "Clay Hess" in summer of 07 at a fest in Western NY and while she was playing I was talking with Jack Lawrence about her playing. I said "boy that little girl can play" Jack-eyes got big "YES SHE CAN" She was pretty young at that time, heck still is.
  42. AlanN's Avatar
    Lovely tune and playing.
  43. DougC's Avatar
    Hull's Victory is a name that come's to mind, however that name is already taken. I'd suggest the Marvelous Monday Jig as title.
    Sierra has great technique and style. And I always enjoy her performances.
  44. Marcus CA's Avatar
    Morrisierra’s Jig?
  45. Al Trujillo's Avatar
    Beautiful!! I feel like we should help Sierra come up with a name for this lovely song.

    BTW, once named would a tab be available?
  46. LAHarley's Avatar
    What a National treasure!! I still go back on YouTube and watch that talented young lady playing Cluck Old Hen with Alison and the boys... The Mandolin world is in good hands going forward! Great song played with blazing speed and accuracy!
  47. chasray's Avatar
    Thank you!
  48. Gunnar's Avatar
    Yay Sierra finally featured on mandolin Mondays! Now I can die in peace.... jk.
    But seriously awesome picking! I want this tune to become the theme for a movie, but there's no movies that could qualify for this.
  49. Mandolin Cafe's Avatar
    Welcome, Sierra. Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to share your marvelous talents with the mandolin world!
  50. darylcrisp's Avatar
    WOW, just WOW!
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