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  1. David Bellino's Avatar
  2. Flynx's Avatar
    Animals and Mandolins - my two biggest passions in life. How could I not absolutely love this. Thank you so much for this Alon.
  3. Charles E.'s Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Jim Garber
    I got hang out with her many years at Augusta in WV when Jethro was teaching his one and only class there and she was the TA.

    She sounds absolutely powerful accompanying this song on that H-4 mandola!
    I was there the same year attending her mandolin workshop. I think there were five students. She was wonderful and one day held the class at her house and served us tea. I will always remember it.
  4. cayuga red's Avatar
    Outstanding musician and songwriter! She does justice to that magnificent Gibson H-4.
  5. Jim Garber's Avatar
    I got hang out with her many years at Augusta in WV when Jethro was teaching his one and only class there and she was the TA.

    She sounds absolutely powerful accompanying this song on that H-4 mandola!
  6. DougC's Avatar
    This tune 'sends a shiver down my neck'! Lorraine is such a fine player and interpreter of musical styles. I hope more young folks learn from her recordings. And here is proof that a mandola works very well in accompanying a song.
  7. Tom Fuldner's Avatar
    Sweet! Thank you for sharing.
  8. Frankdolin's Avatar
    That's how it's done, right there!
  9. mandocanoe's Avatar
    Love it. Love the tune and the groove. Thanks for adding to the diversity.
  10. Alfons's Avatar
    I like that tune! It's a bit hypnotic, and you are really getting the tone out of that Bulas mandolin. Cool title too. Thanks for sharing with us.
  11. ovaltine's Avatar
    love it!
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  13. Denny Gies's Avatar
    Very well done, thanks.
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  15. Jcdraayer's Avatar
    This one blew me away! What a cool tune, great tone, amazing groove. Inspiring!
  16. Todd Bowman's Avatar
    Great tune! Love the themes that run throughout! Wonderful playing! Thank you, Karolina, for sharing!

  17. DougC's Avatar
    Karolina certainly has the groove, (and the moves). Very nice mandolin too.
  18. Cheryl Watson's Avatar
    You, your original piece of music, your playing, your mandolin, and your cat, all gorgeous!
  19. ccravens's Avatar
    Amazing. Sublime. Beautiful.
  20. Paul Statman's Avatar
    Beautiful, Thanks, Alon and David. Beautiful cat, too!
  21. Dagger Gordon's Avatar
    Masterly, as ever. Interesting to hear of Mintu Biswas in India.
  22. KCNelson's Avatar
    Gorgeous music.
  23. cayuga red's Avatar
    Fine playing indeed. And what a mandolin!
  24. Bernie Daniel's Avatar
    Outstanding. Is that an Arik Kerman mandolin with a double top board?
  25. DougC's Avatar
    Very nice. And a nice sounding mandolin too.
  26. Todd Bowman's Avatar
    Absolutely beautiful! What a peaceful prelude! Just what we need today! Thank you for sharing, Alon!!
  27. lukmanohnz's Avatar
    Sublime. What a lovely way to start the week - thank you, Alon.
  28. darylcrisp's Avatar
    That was amazing.
  29. Josh Levine's Avatar
    Way to go Wyatt! Sounding great as usual.
  30. Franc Homier Lieu's Avatar
    Fantastic tune, and incredibly powerful tone he is getting out of that mandolin. Really great match between player and instrument, it seems to me.
  31. Cheryl Watson's Avatar
    Wyatt, I love your playing and what a great original instrumental! Two broken wrists have not even stopped you. You are on fire!!
  32. bgpete's Avatar
    Wow! Fine playing, great original tune!
  33. Todd Bowman's Avatar
    Great tune! Great picking! Thank you, Wyatt, for sharing!!
  34. Denny Gies's Avatar
    Wow, I'm jealous.
  35. mingusb1's Avatar
    Cool tune and red hot pickin!
  36. addamr's Avatar
    Loved it. 60 original instrumentals, that's awesome. Look forward to hearing more.

  37. Paul Statman's Avatar
    Bostin, David! Always good to see you back on Mandolin Mondays. Thank you.
  38. Old Growth's Avatar
    Master Class... thanks so much David.
  39. Jim Bob's Avatar
    Great Job ! Thanks for Mandolin Mondays-Enjoy every week !
  40. bbcee's Avatar
    Each by Side is a great listen. Nice to hear this waltz again, David!
  41. Todd Bowman's Avatar
    What a beautiful waltz! And, beautifully played! Thanks for sharing, David!
  42. Alfons's Avatar
    I hope you guys are having as much fun playing this stuff as we are listening to it!
  43. g-mac's Avatar
    Super fun! Thanks, guys!!
  44. Paul Statman's Avatar
  45. MontanaMatt's Avatar
    Love it!
  46. Todd Bowman's Avatar
    Mercy! Love the arrangement! Great use of dynamics! Wonderful playing! Thanks for sharing!
  47. cayuga red's Avatar
    Good playing. That Dearstone F-5 is a tone monster!
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  49. Colin Braithwaite's Avatar
    Beautifully played. Inspiring ornamentation!
  50. Mainer73's Avatar
    Very nice
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