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  1. Alfons's Avatar
    Another Mando Monster - Thanks Spencer!
  2. AlanN's Avatar
  3. Sperry's Avatar
    Wow, very nice! Great playing and that mandolin sounds amazing!
  4. Northwest Steve's Avatar
    Great playing. Frst time I heard Spencer play was a YouTube video of Cherokee Shuffle, really great. He makes a nice mandolin as well.
  5. ccravens's Avatar
    Very tastey!

  6. oliverkollar's Avatar
    Very nice indeed!
  7. William Smith's Avatar
    Sounded mighty fine!
  8. Mandolin Cafe's Avatar
    Welcome, Spencer. Nicely played!
  9. darylcrisp's Avatar
    that was great!
    smooth, clear and resonant playing.
    the mandolin looks great also, love that color.

  10. James Rankine's Avatar
    Brilliant. I had lessons from Evan a few years ago - he’d just graduated from University with a music degree and was already flying. I remember him saying “when I find something I can’t do on the mandolin I practice and practice it until I can do it”
  11. Paul Statman's Avatar
    Beautiful, Evan. Thanks.
  12. mjfidel's Avatar
    Epic playing. Rich tone, fast and accurate.
  13. burt50's Avatar
    Beautiful!!! Great tone and great sounding mandolin...Thanks Evan
  14. John Soper's Avatar
    Thanks, Evan. Nice arrangement!
  15. Stephen Cagle's Avatar
    I loved it! Fantastic playing!
  16. Todd Bowman's Avatar
    Great arrangement! Love the voicings towards the end.
  17. Franc Homier Lieu's Avatar
    Fantastic arrangement of one of my favorite tunes. Thanks, Evan!
  18. Mandolin Cafe's Avatar
    Brilliant, Evan. Needs no accompaniment the way you've arranged it. Very nicely played.
  19. goose 2's Avatar
    So good!
  20. Skip Kelley's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Alfons
    Dude. That's some good clean fun. I liked it even better the second time through. Precision picking, and nice movement.

    I like it more and more after many,many times through!!!��
    This is my new favorite tune!
  21. Alfons's Avatar
    Dude. That's some good clean fun. I liked it even better the second time through. Precision picking, and nice movement.
  22. Greg Schochet's Avatar
    that rules!
  23. Paul Statman's Avatar
    All around bostin. Jaunty uplift of a tune wonderfully played. Thanks!
  24. Mike Romkey's Avatar
    Good tune!
  25. EvanElk's Avatar
    Wow that was great picking and great original tune!
  26. Todd Bowman's Avatar
    Thanks for a great MM!
  27. addamr's Avatar
    Great tune. That Spann sounds awesome too.

  28. Skip Kelley's Avatar
    What a fun tune!! I love the changes!! Thanks for a great Mandolin Monday, Nick!!
  29. Mandolin Cafe's Avatar
    Great tune and playing, Nick!
  30. Alfons's Avatar
    Hot Stuff!
  31. EvanElk's Avatar
    That was awesome mando playing. The You Me Everybody EP is really impressive too. Good to have you on the radar
  32. Paul Statman's Avatar
    Great stuff. Clean, fast, articulate, and tasteful. Thank you, young sir.
  33. UsuallyPickin's Avatar
    Well played sir …. ah the dexterity of youth. I look forward to hearing more from you.
  34. John Soper's Avatar
    Cool tune, Sam!
  35. Denny Gies's Avatar
    Great job from down under, thanks.
  36. Mandolin Cafe's Avatar
    Great playing, Sam. Welcome!
  37. Alfons's Avatar
    Nice playing as always, David, like the arrangement. And nice touch topping off the leaves with the wildwood flowers! Good luck with the patreon page - I'll be checking it out.
  38. Mike Romkey's Avatar
    Nice variations.
  39. Skip Kelley's Avatar
    Thank you David for your inspirational playing! I love Mandolin Monday’s!
  40. darylcrisp's Avatar
    thank you David for mandolin Mondays, I look forward each week to see who is going to be here, its a sweet addition to start the week for sure!

  41. Paul Statman's Avatar
    Beautiful. Bravo.Thank you, David- and, of course for all the Mandolin Mondays, too!
    Yes, dang - his shirt does match the curtain!
  42. dang's Avatar
    His shirt seems to match the drapes - and I mean that literally...
  43. Mandolin Cafe's Avatar
    Lovely version of that tune, David. Well played!
  44. Aaron Bohnen's Avatar
    A lovely piece, beautifully played. Oskar's youtube channel and really pretty well all of his other music is equally entrancing. What a wonderful introduction. Thank you!
  45. Jim Garber's Avatar
    Tapas: Glad to see you featured here. Love that tune and all the effects you get playing it.
  46. Gelsenbury's Avatar
    Just amazing - the mandolin, the player, and the melody.
  47. Luna Pick's Avatar
    Wow Tapas, that was great. Powerful playing, beautiful tune. Thank you.
  48. Alfons's Avatar
    Very nice, and great sound and technique.
  49. ajh's Avatar
    Wow! Love the tune. And his pick control is amazing.
  50. Todd Bowman's Avatar
    Great job Tapas! Beautiful piece and playing! Thank you!
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