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  1. James Vwaal's Avatar
    Yeah, very nice tone from that Sprite.
  2. John Soper's Avatar
    Nice tune, nicely played. And I agree. Steve - the Sprite is a great-sounding mandolin!
  3. Steve Sorensen's Avatar
    Liam's tone with his Sorensen Sprite Two-Point mandolin always makes me smile.
  4. TX2AK's Avatar
    Love the playing, and would love to hear some of that bad mandolin playing with Old Crow! I’ve seen them a few times; but the most memorable was when we went down to Whitewater on the Guadalupe River outside of Austin, with 7 other couples, maybe in 2014/2015 (fairly recently back to Texas). Old Crow opened for the Avett Brothers at that show. Sarah and I knew OCMS very well, but the other couples were more attracted to the Avett Bros - (and no knock on the Avett Bros, they were great) - but to a person, every single one of them came to me at some point and said something along the lines of “Holy Sh!+, these guys kicked @$$!” or “these guys are F***ing awesome!” OCMS can bring the old time, modern feel like nobody else!!! It would be so cool to hear a mandolin in there. “I Hear Them All” should be (if it’s not known to be) among the greatest songs of our generation! There’s a lot of room for a mandolin in that one, particularly. No criticism of the recorded version, just saying - there’s room. I’ve been playing with it; but my band isn’t ready to go there just yet.
  5. darylcrisp's Avatar
    this was one of my favorites that has been on Mandolin Mondays.
    love the sound of the tune and that mandolin, excellent player brought it all together.

  6. Alfons's Avatar
    Thanks Mason, nice tune and well played.
  7. cayuga red's Avatar
    Good playing on a great mandolin. Bernabe is one of the best American luthiers.
  8. Delaware's Avatar
    I remember a YouTube video of Chris Thile on a Mandocello at Carter Vintage playing the Cello Suites and saying how cool it would be to cover them on a mandocello. I always wanted to hear that so thanks Mike for making my dream come true

    Link for the curious
  9. William Smith's Avatar
  10. Joe Bartl's Avatar
    Great performance! Thanks for the lesson in scordatura. And thanks for the lesson in establishing multiple voices via pick angle and picking at various distances from the bridge. And thanks for showing and sounding this Monte up close and personal.
  11. Leester's Avatar
    Wonderfully done. Thank you for learning this and sharing it with us!
  12. cayuga red's Avatar
  13.'s Avatar
    These [MM's Bach cello suites] are all great. (I have the first 3, #s 4 & 5 are in my cart, along with a few other mando-centric items, waiting for Bandcamp Friday )
  14. tmsweeney's Avatar
    Sweet Brontosaurus Mando Bass in the background there!
  15. Marguerite's Avatar
    Strange sound. A good mandolin with a good player can do more.
    Updated Nov-18-2023 at 4:08pm by Marguerite
  16. cayuga red's Avatar
    Good picking on a fine mandolin. Thanks for posting.
  17. Victor Daniel's Avatar
    Thanks for that beautiful piece of music played on an incredible sounding mandolin!
  18. darylcrisp's Avatar
    that sounded great!
    now i've found a new player to check out, i really like that type of composition with a mandolin
  19. Paul Statman's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by nick delmore
    What kind of mandolin was that?
  20. Robert lunsford's Avatar
    First thing I noticed, that mandolin sounds awesome. Really cool playing, nice tune.
  21. nick delmore's Avatar
    What kind of mandolin was that?
  22. Nick Royal's Avatar
    I too like Chris' playing and the acoustic in the room sound really good to me.
  23. Chuck Leyda's Avatar
    Great picking! And great sounding mando.
  24. cayuga red's Avatar
    Good job. Thanks for posting.
  25. Alfons's Avatar
    FUNky ! I like the stylistic blending
  26. Paul Statman's Avatar
    Very fun song!
  27. phildorado's Avatar
    Such a great tune and vibe I had to transcribe this version. I'm new here and cant figure out how to post a file, but maybe this link will work.
  28. cayuga red's Avatar
    Talented musicians clearly enjoying making music together. And that Richter is a great sounding mandolin.
  29. Amandalyn's Avatar
    Fun tune! Love the bass and mandolin interplay.
  30. darylcrisp's Avatar
    wow, cool tune, cool mandolin, very cool playing.
    thank you for time and effort bringing this to us
  31. Josh Levine's Avatar
    Great picking Michael! I have taken some of Michael’s classes over the years and he is a great teacher. His deep dive knowledge is 2nd to none and his enthusiasm about the content is contagious.
  32. dshipp's Avatar
    What's the tuning?
  33. cayuga red's Avatar
    And a fine performance.
  34. cayuga red's Avatar
    What a mandolin!
  35. Alfons's Avatar
    Wow! Very cool - You are making that A50 earn its keep! That's a rousing tune, and you got a great tone out of that mando. Great playing.
  36. darylcrisp's Avatar
    that was fantastic!
    i love slower relaxing played tunes and this certainly qualified.
    just beautiful way to start the day out.

  37. grassrootphilosopher's Avatar
    Nice relaxed playing...

    That´s what a musician should aim for.

    Nice tune, as well. Let´s see what my mando will say tonight.
  38. Alfons's Avatar
    Nice playing! Really enjoyed that. Great sound out of that Hinde mando as well.
  39. William Smith's Avatar
  40. rodeoryan's Avatar
    Really sweet tune! Thanks for that
  41. Denny Gies's Avatar
    Nice tune and nice job. Thanks.
  42. blacktop's Avatar
    This heated up nicely! Really a sweet mix. I love the drumming! With a good bass player this would be a fun trio!
  43. dbmandolin's Avatar
    Hey folks! Sorry for the length glitch! Got the video fixed above. Thanks for watching and supporting Jonah and Nathaniel!
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  45. JonDoug's Avatar
    I'm hardly an expert on jazz fusion, but what a fun and energetic performance! Good to see an electric on Mandolin Mondays played with such skill. Note: if you are intrigued by this first minute and a half, you owe it to yourself to see the other six minutes on Instagram and find out where they go. Otherwise, it's like reading the first two chapters of a novel and stopping . . . .
  46. Nick Royal's Avatar
    Well, different fr. the usual Mandolin Mondays! I like the drumming w. the mando.
  47. Mandolin Cafe's Avatar
    Jonah wanted everyone to know the full version is on his Instagram page here.
  48. Mandolin Cafe's Avatar
    FYI, on Instagram there is already a bunch of scam business going on, someone apparently with a username similar to David's telling people they've won and likely requesting some kind of 1) information, or 2) money in order to collect. Can't be sure.

    David is having people tag 5 others and like his page in order to be eligible to win, so anyone that doesn't have an Instagram account will not be eligible. This is creating a lot of reaction, but possibly some things that you may not like. Impossible for us to tell if this will get shut down or not. Proceed at your own... amusement.
  49. Paul Statman's Avatar
  50. asIsaidtomyfriend's Avatar
    An awful lot of notes and every one of them clear as a bell! Bravo!
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