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  1. Mandolin Mondays #411 w/ Special Guest Mike Marshall

    Back on Mandolin Mondays this week, the inimitable Mike Marshall joins us, fresh off the release of his new album of J.S. Bach's Cello Suite #5. Here he shares his rendition of the "Gigue" from Suite #5 played on his legendary Monteleone Mandocello.

    To celebrate the release of this new record, here's a special word from Mike about this video,

    "Here’s the Gigue from Bach’s ...
  2. Mandolin Mondays #359 w/ Special Guest Mike Marshall

    The one and only Mike Marshall returns to Mandolin Mondays this week to share an amazing performance of the Prelude from J.S. Bach's Cello Suite No. 3 on his incredible Monteleone Mandocello.

    Mike has just released a new album of the entire 3rd Cello Suite--a beautiful project and another pioneering step in documenting Bach's cello music on the mandocello. Be sure to check it out here: ...

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  3. Mandolin Mondays #263 w/ Special Guest Mike Marshall

    This week on Mandolin Mondays we have a very special Tony Rice tribute repost sent in by the one and only Mike Marshall. Hear that beautiful Lloyd Loar mandolin sing out on this moving rendition of Tony's "Swing 51."

    Tony Rice is perhaps one of the most influential flatpicking guitarists of all time. His music has left an impact on our community, and he will be sorely missed. Special thanks ...
  4. Mandolin Mondays #228 w/ Special Guest Mike Marshall

    This week on Mandolin Mondays, mando master Mike Marshall brings us a very special virtual orchestra experience with the help of 32 of his Artistworks online students. Thanks to all the participants in this video for showing us the amazing possibilities for musical progress and collaboration even in these challenging times. Video editing by Martin Hietkamp.

    Mike Marshall might just be the cornerstone of modern mandolin playing ...
  5. Mandolin Mondays #29 - Chief Sitting in the Rain

    Happy Birthday (7/17) to one of the greatest mandolinists of all time, Mike Marshall!!! I've learned so much from Mike over the years and he's been such a huge inspiration and help in my journey with the mandolin. Here's one of my favorite tunes that Mike recorded on that famous Gator Strut record. I amiably stole a of couple licks...

    You can now get a tab/notation transcription for this video, and all of my other personal solo ...