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  1. darylcrisp's Avatar
    thanks for hanging out with us and sharing this tune. it has become a daily "break" for me to take a few minutes and go onto TMS site and just pick any mandolin to see if you have a video posted. enjoy your playing and high energy style.

  2. Alfons's Avatar
    YIKES! That felt like the high score ball at the mercy of a pinball wizard - such a supple wrist.
    I may have to rest a while before I can listen to that another 2 or3 times.
  3. Paul Statman's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Clement Barrera-Ng
    Really incredible stuff. I've watched a number of James' videos on the Mandolin Store channel and has been blown away each time.
    +1 here on this. I have yet to see a mandolin demo of his that didn't set a fire. He be like
  4. Clement Barrera-Ng's Avatar
    Really incredible stuff. I've watched a number of James' videos on the Mandolin Store channel and has been blown away each time.
  5. Glassweb's Avatar
    <Best this be discussed elsewhere directly with the owner vs. in public. Seems inappropriate for this space>
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  6. coletrickle's Avatar
    Nice James! Miss hearing you play in Bowling Green Ohio!
  7. Franc Homier Lieu's Avatar
    The three overlapping shadows behind you are a nice touch! This is an incredible composition that goes to some really interesting places.
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  8. Michael Romkey's Avatar
    The cedar top does sound great. I've played a few and they've all been loud and awesome. Nice playing. Part III is my favorite.
  9. cayuga red's Avatar
    Astonishing skills! Thanks for joining Mandolin Monday’s.
  10. Mandolin Cafe's Avatar
    Wow... James, you da man! Welcome to Mandolin Mondays.
  11. dshipp's Avatar
    Thanks for the introduction to Josh Bennett. Went to his YouTube channel and discovered his eye-opening Nature of Music series covering the mathematics and physics of tones, resonance, rhythm and more - with some great picking tutorials mixed in.
  12. joshbennettmusic's Avatar
    Thanks for having me on, David. Another of Doug's pieces is on my YouTube channel for those who are into Brazilian mando. It's called Hummingbird, accompanied by, well, me, on nylon string.
  13. DougC's Avatar
    Somehow looking at a left handed player makes me dizzy. Ha, ha.

    So I close my eyes, put on the headphones and enjoy his sound. Maybe I'll just loop it for a while...this is a very nice tune.
  14. John Soper's Avatar
    Beautiful sounding instrument, nice piece involving some advanced picking - executed with both technical skill and emotion. Bravo!
  15. Alfons's Avatar
    Most excellent piece, playing and instrument!
  16. Joe Dodson's Avatar
    Beautiful piece.
  17. Michael Romkey's Avatar
  18. Mandolin Cafe's Avatar
    Wow, nice! The Duff, not surprisingly, sounds marvelous.
  19. kmmando's Avatar
  20. AlanN's Avatar
    Terrific. Love the dark stain on the 2/18/24.
  21. Todd Bowman's Avatar
  22. John Soper's Avatar
    Such fun to be able to hear the Old vs New comparison - I'd be glad to have either - both played well by a true artist. Bravo!
  23. Vega CB's Avatar
    Just wonderful, both the instruments - old and new - and Steve's beautiful, soulful playing of them. What a treat. Thank you for sharing, Steve.
  24. Andy B's Avatar
    Beautiful mandolins, a haunting new melody that sounds like it was first played far up a lonely hollow long ago, and the master’s touch and tone that bring instruments and melody vividly to life.
  25. Alfons's Avatar
    Wonderful tune! Thanks for sharing it and those wonderful mandolins with us!
  26. Michael Romkey's Avatar
    Well, this was a pleasant surprise! Thank you David, and Steve. It’s obvious from Steve’s tune why he and M.C. seem to be on much of the same wave length.
  27. Glassweb's Avatar
    He can play 'em as good as he makes 'em! Play on Steve... play on!
  28. Jim Taylor's Avatar
    Sweet. Wonderful. Thanks!
  29. giannisgrass's Avatar
    Best time of the day... watching this.. Thanks!
  30. William Smith's Avatar
    GREAT stuff Steve and Yes "Brilliant episode"
  31. Mandolin Cafe's Avatar
    Brilliant episode. Welcome, Steve.
  32. Mandolin Cafe's Avatar
    Dagger's book The Scottish Mandolin Tutor is still available from the publisher.

    I have a copy from the article we ran about it close to 10 years ago. Great book, highly recommended.
  33. Dagger Gordon's Avatar
    Yes, that's the story I know as well, Maxr. Cheers Dagger
  34. maxr's Avatar
    Great playing, Dagger. BTW, I heard the story behind the tune was the Rev McLoed was leaving his parish on Skye to move to the mainland, and the tune was inspired by him looking back at the island from the boat ferrying him over. As a Swedish nyckelharpa player said to me - "It's important to have a story for a tune, and some of them are true."
  35. Dagger Gordon's Avatar
    Thanks a lot everyone. I have been very lucky with that Sobell mandolin.

    As John said, the tune is called Sitting In The Stern Of A Boat. it was composed in the 18th century by the Rev. William McLeod and is taken from Captain Simon Fraser's Knockie Collection of 1816. It has long been a favourite of mine.

    Usqubach: I don't remember why I started using a D bass string, but in fact I have always done it. At the time quite a lot of people were getting 10 string citterns made by Stefan Sobell, and they tended to have them tuned with ADAda or something like that, in other words some form of semi-open tuning, and I think I probably saw it as a variation on that. Similarly people were exploring DADGAD and other tunings on the guitar, so the idea of two D strings seemed quite obvious to me in that context.

    Luna Pick: Well spotted! It is indeed a Mandolin Cafe mug.
    And Paul: It sounds like your eyes aren't quite as good as Luna Pick's if you think I haven't aged a day in ten years!
    (But thanks anyway - good to hear from you again).

    Thanks again everyone,

    Cheers Dagger
  36. Alfons's Avatar
    Thanks Dagger, I enjoyed that very much!
  37. Luna Pick's Avatar
    That was really great Dagger, thanks for sharing it!

    Nice mug over your left shoulder!
  38. Paul Cowham's Avatar
    Lovely stuff Dagger! Great to see you playing, and it looks like you haven't aged a day since I met you at the Fčis back in 2011
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  39. Don Grieser's Avatar
    Fantastic playing. Love the sound you get out of that Sobell.
  40. usqebach's Avatar
    Always been intrigued by 10 string instruments, but couldn't figure out what to do with that C string to be of any use other than in C and the "flat" keys. Why have I never thought of raising it to a D? I have my fiddle in "high bass" tuning for 3/4 of what I play. Thanks for helping me make that connection!
  41. chasray's Avatar
    Really enjoyed that!
  42. Jill McAuley's Avatar
    Great stuff Dagger, what a lovely tune!
  43. John Kelly's Avatar
    Good to see you here, Dagger, and playing so well. Sitting in the Stern of a Boat is a great tune and not heard often enough.
  44. Todd Bowman's Avatar
    What a beautiful tune! Thank you for sharing. Beautiful playing Dagger!!
  45. Michael Romkey's Avatar
    Awesome playing, awesome mandolin, awesome tune. (What's the name?) You made my Monday morning. Thanks!
  46. Mandolin Cafe's Avatar
    Beautiful piece of music and playing! Well done, Dagger. Great to see you on Mandolin Mondays.
  47. Dagger Gordon's Avatar
    Well done Wyatt! That's amazing. Only playing for two years? Phew.
  48. Cheryl Watson's Avatar
    Very excellent playing, Wyatt! May you always play the mandolin with heart.
  49. Davsay's Avatar
    Just fantastic.. Now I shall put my mando back in its case....
  50. John Soper's Avatar
    Great job picking. Kiik forward to seeing/hearing you in the coming years!
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