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  1. William Smith's Avatar
    Great stuff indeed!
  2. Bernie Daniel's Avatar
    Like Bill I have been following you and the Purple Hulls for many years. You are good folks! Glad to see you get this well deserved recognition. You should get together again with the Quebe Sisters -- that was a nice performance.
  3. Robert Mitchell's Avatar
  4. Bill McCall's Avatar
    Very nice playing by a very nice lady. Been a fan for a while.

    Thanks so much.
  5. Gunnar's Avatar
    Yay, one of my favorite pickers, with some awesome picking!
  6. Mike Romkey's Avatar
  7. Scotter's Avatar
    That was awesome!
  8. Mandolin Cafe's Avatar
    Very nicely played! Welcome, Penny.
  9. TimB989's Avatar
    I’m feeling them blues! Also, thanks for writing the book that helped me learn mandolin. ☺️
  10. wildpikr's Avatar
    Nice version, Jack. I went to your you tube link and listened to the version with words - I like it! Sounds like the words could have been there all along.
  11. Jomamma's Avatar

    Great playing, makes me want to dance, and I can’t dance!
  12. Andy B's Avatar
    Well done Jack.
  13. Bill McCall's Avatar
    Very nice playing Jack. So nice to see.
  14. Bill Findley's Avatar
    Loved it, and love that Pomeroy!
  15. Bill Foss's Avatar
    Lovely, groovy down to earth playing, I love it!
  16. William Smith's Avatar
    Very nice playing and nice mandolin!
  17. Mandolin Cafe's Avatar
    Welcome, Jack. Great playing!
  18. Paul Statman's Avatar
    Wicked-awesome feel-good blues, and what tone and expression! Cheers!
  19. Perry's Avatar
    Enough tasty mandolin blues licks to last a lifetime!
  20. Joe Dodson's Avatar
    Yowza. Way to represent the Bayou City!
  21. gfury's Avatar
    That put a smile on my face !!!
  22. Bill Foss's Avatar
    You make that National talk!
  23. Gunnar's Avatar
    Sweet! Makes me want to get my electric guitar out..... I need to learn some blues on mandolin probably....
  24. Pete Braccio's Avatar
    Sounding tasty (as always)!

    Ya got me thinking about the days at the Mandolin Symposium.

  25. chasray's Avatar
    I feel better now...
  26. William Smith's Avatar
    Great stuff! Loved it an Mando-Mondays!
  27. Mandolin Cafe's Avatar
    Welcome, Rich. That was FINE!
  28. EvanElk's Avatar
    Beautiful tune
  29. darylcrisp's Avatar
    very nice, and that mandolin sounds excellent!
  30. mandoglobal's Avatar
    Good stuff....already pegged a few nice licks I’m going to borrow. Thanks Andy and David!!
  31. Alfons's Avatar
    Sweet. Very tasty. Also liked the Islands in the Stream video, and look forward to the arrival of Cover Story tomorrow. Gotta love the Cafe and Mandolin Mondays. Many thanks to all.
  32. Philphool's Avatar
    Very cool playing and nice sounding mandolin.
  33. Mandolin Cafe's Avatar
    Welcome, Andy. Brilliant playing!
  34. Jim Garber's Avatar
    A lovely sweet piece played with soul. One of my very favorite Calace compositions. Mille Grazie, maestro!
  35. Robert Mitchell's Avatar
  36. Bill Findley's Avatar
    Lovely, thank you!
  37. Alfons's Avatar
    Fantastic! I need more of this. I have also been loving MandolItaly. Thank you!
  38. TimB989's Avatar
    That left handed plucking on the fret board completely surprised me. I’ve never seen that before. Awesome!
  39. goose 2's Avatar
    Beautiful and inspiring! Thank you!
  40. oliverkollar's Avatar
    Soooo great!!!!

    Thanks Carlo!
  41. grassrootphilosopher's Avatar
    HOT DOG! You old trickster! Notice the left hand plucked notes while the right hand is doing its thing!


    Everyone should listen to the Aonzo/Gambetta colaborations „Serenata“ and „Traversata“.
  42. ccravens's Avatar
    So nice.

  43. chasray's Avatar
    He is so good......
  44. EvanElk's Avatar
  45. Bill McCall's Avatar
    always a joy. thanks
  46. Paul Statman's Avatar
    Sublime. Thanks, Carlo!
  47. DougC's Avatar
    This video clearly shows how the right arm is relaxed and not pressing on the instrument or bridge. It is always a pleasure to see Carlo play.
  48. Glassweb's Avatar
  49. Gunnar's Avatar
    Amazing! I really loved the left hand pizzicatos!
  50. William Smith's Avatar
    Very Nice as always Carlo!
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