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  1. chasray's Avatar
    Thank you!
  2. Glassweb's Avatar
    Nice playing and tune, but what's the deal with the pop-up ads on Mandolin Mondays? No good...
  3. William Smith's Avatar
    Nice! Very modern sounding mando-I like it! Another brand I've never heard of!
  4. Todd Bowman's Avatar
  5. Sue Rieter's Avatar
    I have his album and it is wonderful!
  6. Michael Romkey's Avatar
    Very tasty playing and writing. Love it.
  7. danielpatrick's Avatar
    Yes! Love Dylan’s playing!
  8. Mandolin Cafe's Avatar
    Love the new album and this composition, Dylan.
  9. CHASAX's Avatar
    Great composition. Well played.
  10. Todd Bowman's Avatar
  11. Dagger Gordon's Avatar
    Really nice. Well done.
  12. Alfons's Avatar
    Very nice.
  13. darylcrisp's Avatar
    absolutely beautiful piece, thank you for playing and sharing this with us Tom!

  14. EvanElk's Avatar
    Wow great playing...a beautiful and interesting piece
  15. Jim Taylor's Avatar
    Thanks! Brightened my day! Thanks also to David (Again).
  16. Mandolin Cafe's Avatar
    Lovely! Welcome, Tom.
  17. Denny Gies's Avatar
    Nice job Tom. And thank you David for this weekly pleasure.
  18. maudlin mandolin's Avatar
    Great stuff - played the whole thing without blinking once.
  19. Alfons's Avatar
    Well that was a bunch of fun! Enjoyed the surprise part too.
  20. CHASAX's Avatar
    The Czechs are a fun bunch. They say they are all musicians. There are several conservatories in Prague.
  21. Aaron Woods's Avatar
    Nicely done!
  22. Denny Gies's Avatar
    Great way to begin the week, thank you Jan.
  23. Mandolin Cafe's Avatar
    Big right hand and a bit of Monroe in there. Very nice, Jan. Whoa, almost missed that electric bit. Love it!
  24. Anglocelt's Avatar
    Lovely, gentle and melodic. Nicely played.
  25. darylcrisp's Avatar
    that was excellent, thank you for sharing this.

  26. John Soper's Avatar
    Nice way to start the week!
  27. Todd Bowman's Avatar
    Well played, composed, and experienced!!!
  28. withfoam's Avatar
    Nice tune. Thanks, Nic!
  29. ccravens's Avatar
    Very nicely done.
  30. Michael Romkey's Avatar
    Lovely tune & approach.
  31. Mandolin Cafe's Avatar
    Welcome, Nic. Great playing and composition.
  32. MMDavis's Avatar
    1. Your measured tremolo is so good!
    2. Love the left hand vibrato.
    3. The 32nd notes runs - so clean!
    4. the Brazilian "duo style' is quite beautiful!
    5. 4'30" the triplet accompaniment is exquisite!
    6. Exceptionally gorgeous playing over-all. Thank you!
  33. MMDavis's Avatar
    1. Harmonics are super clean!
    2. Very nice rhythmic drive!
    3. Like the muted pizzicato at 1:11.
    4. Sound is very clear and well articulated throughout the ranges.
    5. 2'45" I notice the reverb a little too much. Also on the final chords.
    6. Overall, a very accomplished and musical performance! Congratulations!
  34. Bud Barnwell's Avatar
    Florian absolutely wonderful performance!
  35. Jim Taylor's Avatar
    Thanks! Amazing music.
  36. bakerk's Avatar
    Just Brilliant! Thank You!!
  37. Paul Statman's Avatar
    Wonderful playing, as always, Florian. I liked how you utilized the acoustics for dynamic variation, too.
    *I'd be interested to hear how a Loar would fare in this setting.
  38. chasray's Avatar
    Thank you!
  39. DougC's Avatar
    Very nice playing and a very nice mandolin. The acoustics in the recording were a bit distracting but I did enjoyed the music.
  40. Joe Dodson's Avatar
    I came in expecting House of the Rising Sun. A surprise to be sure, but a welcome one.
  41. Michael Romkey's Avatar
    Very nice. Thank you.
  42. greenoak's Avatar
    Really nice playing. Thanks for brightening my day with "The Rising Sun" not to be seen on this snowy morning!
  43. Mandolin Cafe's Avatar
    Florian, great to see you on Mandolin Mondays. Been following you on Instagram for quite awhile and enjoying your posts. Wonderful playing!
  44. Alfons's Avatar
    Nicely done, cool instrument.
  45. Jonathan Reinhardt's Avatar
    Thank you Greg and David. Rather special.
  46. Todd Bowman's Avatar
    Very cool instrument, composition, and playing!
  47. withfoam's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Honeybucket
    Does that thing have fanned frets?
    Looks like it to me, too. Neat!
  48. mandrian's Avatar
    Enjoyed that.
  49. Honeybucket's Avatar
    Does that thing have fanned frets?
  50. Mandolin Cafe's Avatar
    Really enjoy that! Nicely played, Greg.

    The Burlington reference is the one in Vermont.
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