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  1. James Vwaal's Avatar
    This was nice no matter what you threw in or left out.
  2. lowtone2's Avatar
    Great job, David! Nice tone, even at that tempo, and so clean. I know just enough to understand something about the focus required for that. And very inventive too. The couple of instances where you add a little extra tension really sets it off, and a few b3rds scattered around, some chromaticism, it all seemed very intentional...I listened to it three times.

    I kept listening for the "bebop phrasing" but couldn't hear it, so i printed off the PDF. Nope, straight 8ths except for those syncopated beginning phrases that are just typical old-time fiddler, and not a rest anywhere in the piece, much less an 8th rest, and all the phrases are pretty even. I'll keep looking.
  3. Todd Bowman's Avatar
    What a great tune! As always, wonderful picking!! Thanks for sharing, David!
  4. Bob Buckingham's Avatar
    Ah David, as a band mate said to me nearly 30 years ago after a rather extravagant fiddle break, "stick to the melody son". Nice job even with the Bebop phrasing.
  5. Paul Statman's Avatar
    Great stuff! most excellent, thank you.
  6. Colin Braithwaite's Avatar
  7. Lucindalin's Avatar
  8. Alfons's Avatar
    Most enjoyable!
  9. Tim Logan's Avatar
    I love this video. What a marvelously expressive performer Maria is. Her music exudes joy and excitement! Just outstanding!
  10. BrianWilliam's Avatar
    Beautiful, and you’ve raised the bar for Mandolin Mondays cinematography
  11. blacktop's Avatar
    Sweet, Marie! I must start practicing more. Thank you.
  12. DougC's Avatar
    Big smiles all around when she plays the 'almost corny' theme. I'm smiling too! And look how she holds the 'bowl back' mandolin. I'd drop the thing on the first position change. Brian's mandolin really sings in Marie's hands.
  13. Todd Bowman's Avatar
    Beautiful! What joy! Thank you for sharing, Marie!
  14. Mandolin Cafe's Avatar
    Lovely, Marie. Great to see you on Mandolin Mondays. Keep up the good work.
  15. Creative1's Avatar
    Beautiful song! Have a Happy New Year filled with fabulous music.
  16. greenoak's Avatar
    David, May you have a happy, healthy new year. Thank you for all the wonderful music you have shared.
  17. Todd Bowman's Avatar
    Beautiful, David!! Quite a transcendental tune! As always, thank you for sharing!!! Peace, Todd
  18. Todd Bowman's Avatar
    Excellent! I can feel the joy in your playing! Thank you for sharing!
  19. Paul Statman's Avatar
    Excellent! Congratulations and well done. Good to see you here, Phil. *Following Phil on his fun TikTok channel.
  20. Old Growth's Avatar
    Thanks Phil, always love outside of the box creativity!
  21. Chuck Leyda's Avatar
    Sounds great!
  22. William Smith's Avatar
    Very Nice indeed!
  23. sgarrity's Avatar
    Wonderful playing. Love that tone!
  24. Paul Statman's Avatar
    Great stuff all around - the song, the playing and the fern. Thank you.
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  25. Alfons's Avatar
    I think I heard that Fern saying "not only can he play, but he's a good listener too!".
    Well done - a very enjoyable performance.
  26. Cheryl Watson's Avatar
    I really love this tune and your technique is so strong and clean! Your Fern is a really great one. I can tell you practice with a metronome, your timing is fantastic.
  27. Todd Bowman's Avatar
    Nice tune! Great picking! Thanks for sharing, Reed! I love that you talked about the instrument teaching you! Truth!
  28. Chuck Leyda's Avatar
    Great tune. Well played!
  29. ccravens's Avatar
    Enjoyed the tune!
  30. William Smith's Avatar
    Thats a fine Fern! I liked her when I played it.
  31. Lucindalin's Avatar
    Lovely! I could listen to this all day.
  32. Lucindalin's Avatar
    What a treat!
  33. Paul Statman's Avatar
    Sweet pickin', Sam. Thank you for sharing.
  34. sgarrity's Avatar
    Nice playing and beautiful tone!
  35. Mandobar's Avatar
    Bad Oats is a great band! Check them out on YouTube!
  36. Todd Bowman's Avatar
    Thank you, Sam for sharing! Wonderful interpretation of this beautiful tune!
  37. Don Stiernberg's Avatar
    nice pickin' dude.
  38. Alfons's Avatar
    Thanks Sam! Nice pace, and a fine job articulating this nice tune for us. You're getting a great sound out of that Kimble.
  39. Joe Bartl's Avatar
    I, too, was mesmerized by his right hand and the various and constant manipulations of the pick. Seems to be someone who has done what we all need to do, figured out what works best for himself.
  40. HonketyHank's Avatar
    I am hoping that someone will describe how Andrew grips his pick and how he came to use that particular grip. It looks to me like he is holding it between his thumb and middle finger.
  41. John Soper's Avatar
    Not your standard fiddle tunes! Enjoyed this Mando-trip!
  42. Alfons's Avatar
    Great playing and arrangement. I liked the pace as well. Thanks for sharing!
  43. Todd Bowman's Avatar
    Nice arrangement of these classics. Wonderful picking! Thanks for sharing, Andrew!
  44. Alfons's Avatar
    Wonderful. Thanks for sharing it with us.
  45. Todd Bowman's Avatar
    Beautiful composition, beautifully played, and I am sure just a reflection of the little one! Thanks for sharing, Vitor!

  46. JonDoug's Avatar
    So cool! Lovely, evocative composition played with such feeling. It’s great hearing your take on the mighty Brazilian mandolin tradition. Thank you!
  47. Victor Daniel's Avatar
    Beautiful composition and fantastic technique!
  48. Todd Bowman's Avatar
    Super picking, Ross!! Looking forward to hearing "The American Fiddle Suite" in the future! Thanks for sharing!
  49. John Soper's Avatar
    Nice nimble picking with great tone.
  50. BrianWilliam's Avatar
    Nice! Wingardium Leviosa
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