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  1. Andy Hatfield's Avatar
    Really comfortable sense of time and groove. Reminds me a lot of Dan Tyminski's drive.
  2. Loar Player's Avatar
    This is probably the best rendition of Dangerfield I have ever heard.
  3. darylcrisp's Avatar
    loved this!
    mandolin sounded mighty fine!
    thanks Troy
  4. EvanElk's Avatar
    Great picking and super nice tone on that Prucha!
  5. oliverkollar's Avatar

    Thanks for that Troy!
  6. William Smith's Avatar
    Nice take on a modern classic!
  7. Mandolin Cafe's Avatar
    That was very fine Mr. Troy Boone. Nicely played!
  8. bbcee's Avatar
    Wow, was that tasty!! Thank you, Ray (and David).
  9. tkdboyd's Avatar
    Interesting timing. Just saw a YTube video of this guy playing Temperance Reel, & was really impressed. Some how he has never been on my play list. Certainly is now!
  10. mandoglobal's Avatar
    Well, gonna be a busy week learning every...single...note Ray just played. Better get started. Gonna have to use some “sick days” to get out of work.
  11. darylcrisp's Avatar
    that was excellent, thank you Ray!
  12. DanielP's Avatar
    Yeah man....great
  13. mandopixie's Avatar
    Wicked awesome! Thanks, Ray (and David and mandolincafe).
  14. Bud Barnwell's Avatar
    Great song Ray! Always look forward to hearing you play.
  15. William Smith's Avatar
    As always great fiddle tune, Thanks Ray, and David for putting together another GREAT mandolin Monday!
  16. chasray's Avatar
    Really enjoyed that
  17. AlanN's Avatar
    Awesome, Ray!
  18. Mandolin Cafe's Avatar
    Welcome, Ray. Always great to hear another fellow Nugget owner . Great playing.
  19. Denny Gies's Avatar
    Nice job, Ray.
  20. Bud Barnwell's Avatar
    Good job Jesse! Really enjoyed it
  21. Alfons's Avatar
    Nice. beautiful sound, and I loved watching those fingers fly!I'm going to have to break out some pinky exercises after seeing that.
  22. chasray's Avatar
    Snappy! Love it. Thanks.
  23. assanhado's Avatar
    Great job Jesse, you made a beautiful sparkling tune and made all the technicalities seem to disappear. I am inspired ‘onward and upward’...thanks
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  24. darylcrisp's Avatar
    just excellent!
    thanks J
  25. HonketyHank's Avatar
    Good listening and fun watching. Great role model.
  26. oliverkollar's Avatar
    So GOOD!!
    Thanks for that Jesse.
  27. lukmanohnz's Avatar
    So smooth and musical. I love that tune and love his playing.
  28. mandoglobal's Avatar
    Outstanding. Jesse is a friend of mine, and it never fails: every time I see him play, he comes up with some slick riff that I’ve never thought of, and this tune is full of them. Carry on, Jesse!!!
  29. Mandolin Cafe's Avatar
    Welcome, Jesse. That's a great version of Ashland, well done!
  30. Mark Wilson's Avatar
    Sweet! Great tune - great picking
  31. Alfons's Avatar
    That is to me a very happy sounding tune! I really enjoyed the tune, your playing, and the sound of that J5. Every time I watch the video though, my gaze kept getting drawn to the right ... please, please come back soon and play that BIG Giacomel for us!
  32. Bud Barnwell's Avatar
    Great song Martino! Love the mandolin. Admire your talent.
  33. Philphool's Avatar
    Very, very cool!
  34. Henry Eagle's Avatar
    Hey Martino, young old friend, love to see and hear you. Great tune, well played. Greetings from the North Sea shore,
  35. Mandolin Cafe's Avatar
    Welcome, Martin. Great tone, cool tune.
  36. maudlin mandolin's Avatar
    432.5 was the pitch of the first tuning fork invented by John Shore in 1711.
    Sir James Swinburne argued for 440 to be adopted as concert pitch on mathematical grounds at an international conference in 1938/9 after it was originally suggested by Schielbler in 1826 at Stuttgart.
    Not sure what the Nazis have to do with all this.
  37. oliverkollar's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by JimKo
    Nice tune. Never seen plants in a Mandolin Mondays video. Just wondering what they are? From South America?
  38. William Smith's Avatar
    I believe 432 is what the earth and everything is tuned to! Birds, nature etc.. Then came the Nazis "supposedly by the minister of propaganda" and changed it to 440 because it agitates everything that's not natural and that for some reason is what we all go with? CRAZY yes! David Harvey and myself had a long talk about this and he also said the one gospel band The Isaacs did a whole cd in the 432 tuning and now that's all they play! Hope not to offend anyone but this is a strange conspiracy theory! I couldn't believe it when David said the Nazi's changed it and we go with it? But is it truth or just happenstance/conspiracy?
    Updated Jan-22-2019 at 5:33am by William Smith
  39. oliverkollar's Avatar

    Thanks for that Chris, I really enjoyed it.
  40. sliebers's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Timbofood
    What’s “432” tuning?
    A string tuned from 440Hz down to 432Hz and other strings in relation. Supposed to be the frequency of the universe.
  41. EvanElk's Avatar
    That was great!
  42. JimKo's Avatar
    Nice tune. Never seen plants in a Mandolin Mondays video. Just wondering what they are? From South America?
  43. Timbofood's Avatar
    What’s “432” tuning?
  44. Mandolin Cafe's Avatar
    Ah, some good ol' Chris Henry mandolin on this cold midwestern day warms the soul. Glad to have you here, Chris!
  45. dbmandolin's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by darylcrisp
    neat comparison. I definitely heard differences between the 3. And what I found pretty amazing was, DB seemed to keep the same amount of pick pressure and force on all the tests.
    My fav was the standard phos bronze, but I liked what I heard in the monels and will definitely check them out. I've been using the nickel bronze on some guitars and will give those a try one day also.
    Really enjoyed this.
    Ah, thanks for the kind words! Yeah, definitely check out the monels and nickel bronze sets. I think they're all really comparable, but they all have subtle nuances as you heard. Would love to hear what you like best on your instrument. Every axe responds differently to every set of strings.
  46. dbmandolin's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Rush Burkhardt
    Thanks, Dave! I've been an EXP74 user since they arrived on the scene. That said, in the past couple of years I've tried Straight Ups(?) and did a beta test for D'Addario on the Monels. I have a tough time discerning between them. I had an even tougher time with the three sets you were gracious enough to A-B-C for us! (you get lots of extra points for all the string changing!) I'd agree A and D seemed to have just a touch more bite. As a bluegrass-er, that's important. As usual with D'Addarios, the consistency is a strong feature! I have stuck with the EXPs for this long primarily because they seem to stay alive longer! Thanks again for your work!
    Rush Burkhardt

    Hey Rush! Yeah, I generally use the D'Addario EXPCM74 set. I really like the longevity of the EXP coated strings too. You might enjoy the Nickel Bronze too. I think they have a similar long live and they break in a lot quicker.
  47. dbmandolin's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by sbenedict
    Thanks David Im gonna try the Monel. been using phosphor Bronze 11.5 16 .026 .040 seems to work for me we should pick sometime.
    Yeah! I think the phosphor bronze and monel strings are related. They've both got a lot of power with some subtle differences. Excited to hear what you think of them.
  48. dbmandolin's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by RustyMutt
    Thanks for this. Also, "Rialto" was a great tune last night at Jalopy. Thanks for playing some of your instrumental compositions. Those are so rich and lots of fun.
    Ah, so glad you liked the new tune! It will be on the new Mile Twelve record coming out early spring!
  49. dbmandolin's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by ccravens
    Thanks for the video comparison!

    Totally off the subject, but that stache rules.
    Thanks man! Trying to carry on the mandolin mustache legacy.

  50. dbmandolin's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Drew Streip
    I spend about every other string change on EJ74, and use the alternating times to test out new things against my "baseline."

    One interesting observation I made was, after thrashing an EJ75 set for a few months, my mandolin seemed more open and complex when I went back to a medium-gauge set. That's been at least a year, though, so I don't know if I'm still hearing the same thing.

    I think my new go-to set might be the Monels, but I'm a tinkerer, and also not a touring musician whose livelihood depends on playing great mandolin with a consistent timbre! Keep up the fantastic work!
    That's awesome Drew! Let me know what you think of the Monels. Had them on my mandolin for a few weeks and was really digging them. Channeling my inner Sam Bush!
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