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  1. Alfons's Avatar
    Nice! I like the room sound too Did you pick that spot for the acoustics? I'll look forward to hearing what the band does with that one sometime, but very happy to hear the solo version for now.
  2. Paul Statman's Avatar
    Very tasty, that. Cheers!
  3. Eric Hanson's Avatar
    Awesome to see this guys again!!
    My wife and I saw The Act of Congress play at the inaugural New Grass Festival, when Sam was given his special praise for originating New Grass.
    This band is WONDERFUL!! Such a full sound. So enthusiastic.
    Their first CD, Declaration, is on regular rotation on the iPod.
    Would love to see them play again.
    FWIW. For a great giggle check out “Five Minutes of Fame” Sure to give you a reason to smile.
  4. tbown's Avatar
    Great playing, Adam!!!
  5. Mandolin Cafe's Avatar
    Welcome, Adam. Nicely played!
  6. Lluís Gómez's Avatar
    Thank you very much Alfons, I play an Agustin Zubiaga mandolin, I love it, he, nice name, catalan name!
  7. Heady's Avatar
    This popped up for me when you put it on FB and I had to find it on thesession ASAP. My teacher probably would have preferred I be patient and learn by ear, but it was so good, I couldn't resist. Thank you.
  8. Gelsenbury's Avatar
    It doesn't sound that Celtic to me, but what absolutely astounding technical ability! Those triplets are just perfect, and the whole performance projects so much energy.
  9. darylcrisp's Avatar
    beautiful tune, and awesome crazy playing.
    thanks for sharing this
  10. cayuga red's Avatar
    Wonderful talent. In your hands, your Loar 700 VS Supreme sounds great.
  11. soliver's Avatar
    All the Buggay's are outstanding musicians, and Johanna always knocks my socks off for sure! I've played with them locally and they are wonderful folks! Excited to see them all begin to get some recognition!
  12. Old Growth's Avatar
    I have been enjoying Johanna's playing for about 6 months now since I stumbled across her on Instagram. Well done, Sister
  13. tbown's Avatar
    Great picking Johanna!!!
  14. Bud Barnwell's Avatar
    Really nice playing! You go girl!!
  15. Mandolin Cafe's Avatar
    Wow, nice playing, Johanna! Welcome to Mandolin Mondays.
  16. cayuga red's Avatar
    Great tune. You do your Gibson justice with your wonderful playing.
  17. danielpatrick's Avatar
    Thanks everybody!!
  18. Alfons's Avatar
    Hey, that is cool! Great sounding tune !
  19. ccravens's Avatar
    Love this tune! Nicely done.

    And the 4 footed friend who made a background appearance.
  20. Paul Statman's Avatar
    Another podcast listener here, and now enjoying your playing this eclectic composition. Thanks for all your enthusiasm, Daniel.
  21. BrianWilliam's Avatar
    You're my boy Blue!

    Nice playing Daniel!
  22. John Soper's Avatar
    Nice tune! The open tuning gives a whole 'nother dimension!
  23. wildpikr's Avatar
    Nice tune, Daniel and I'm also a podcast fan...thanks!
  24. Mandolin Cafe's Avatar
    Daniel! Great having you here. Love the podcast, and now I love your playing, too. Keep up the great work promoting all things mandolin.
  25. Jan Skovajsa's Avatar
    Dear mandolin friends,

    firstly, many thanks to Radim for the beautiful new composition! I really love it. Actually, Radim's playing was one of the reasons I started to play mandolin. I highly recommend to check his recordings, in particular, album called Czech it out, that contains many beautiful arrangements of central and east European traditional melodies for the solo mandolin and as well as the album called Galactic Mandolin, that is just necessity for the true mandolin nerds :-)

    I cannot resist to mention that the "Zenkl style" is Radim's unique variation on the old Italian mandolin technique called duo-style. There is a classical mandolin pick used in Italian duo-style while Radim uses plastic thumb pick and an altered plastic finger pick.
    There are a few brilliant players who learnt Radim's technique in the Czech Republic. One of them is a great player, mandolin builder and Lloyd Loar Era restoration expert Miroslav Vana of the Vana Mandolins. Listen how this technique sounds on the Lloyd Loar F5 mandolin:

    Updated Jan-31-2020 at 3:55pm by Jan Skovajsa
  26. Europick's Avatar
    Hi everybody,

    Thank you for your kind comments! The wide neck on my mandolin - I have big hands (probably should have been a bass player :-). I started on a regular sized neck and played it for about 10 years (I had Krishot F5). When I moved to San Francisco in 1989, I met a classical guitar player who also had a mandolin, though with a wide neck. I tried it and liked it right away, since more space allowed me a variety of fingering options, specially for chord melody arrangements, and resulted in cleaner playing and a better connection with the instrument. For example, with the wider neck I am able to play fifths with two fingers on the inside strings without muting the outside strings. Around that time I saw a picture of Keith Harris on the front page of the Mandolin World News, who also had a mandolin with wider neck. So I ordered my next mandolin (A style, built by Steven Andersen) to have the wide neck and since that time all of my mandolin family instruments have the wide neck (Capek F5, Breedlove mandola and others).

  27. Lorenzo LaRue's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Scotter
    That was fantastic! I love the thumb and fingerpick technique. And, yeah, just how wide is that neck?
    I have gotten many lessons from him in the past (Lark Camp, MandoJam) and tried to play his Capek and I couldn't do it, way too wide, I'm guessing 1 5/8". He's a wonderful guy, always has respect for who he is playing for or with....
  28. Alfons's Avatar
    Innovative technique and beautiful music!
  29. BrianWilliam's Avatar
    Incredible. I thought my phone was glitching during that last tremolo. Bravo!
  30. greenoak's Avatar
    Wow! Really nice piece and interesting technique!
  31. DougC's Avatar
    What an interesting piece. Glad to see Radim's out there playing and having fun.
  32. Jim Imhoff's Avatar
    We hosted Radim's house concert in our little Oregon town of Independence; a small but enthusiastic and appreciative audience. I was thrilled to have him play my Gibson K4 mandocello in duets with Tim Connel. I need to point out that along with the dazzling technique, what I love best about Radim's playing is the sweet lyrical tone he gets on quieter melodic works.
    Hope to get another mandocello lesson the next time you pass through Oregon!
  33. Scotter's Avatar
    That was fantastic! I love the thumb and fingerpick technique. And, yeah, just how wide is that neck?
  34. William Smith's Avatar
    Great sounds from that mandolin, is it me or is that neck extra wide? Almost looks like a guitar width? I don't think I ever seen a mando neck that wide?
  35. Mandolin Cafe's Avatar
    Welcome, Radim. Hope all is well in your life after losing your home to the California fires.
  36. Gunnar's Avatar
    Awesome! I loved that eyebrow raise at the start, and the picking lived up to the expectation that the eyebrow created....
  37. TimB989's Avatar
    Yet another style of mandolin music I look forward to delving into. Thanks!
  38. DougC's Avatar
    Nice tune! I'm a big fan of klezmer music, being the mandolin guy in Eisner's klezmorim. So I'm surprised when this genre 'pops up' in the big world of mandolin (read bluegrass) cafe. Maybe it's not as marginalized as I thought... cool.
  39. Mike Romkey's Avatar
  40. goose 2's Avatar
    So nice! I’ve heard you live several times at Farmers Branch and have always loved your playing. Thanks!
  41. darylcrisp's Avatar
    very nice, thank you!
  42. Mike Romkey's Avatar
    Nice. Thank you.
  43. ccravens's Avatar
    Love it!
  44. Paul Statman's Avatar
    Lovely - and what a great sounding, resonant Duff you have! Thank you, Darren.
  45. MandoRock65's Avatar
    Great job Darren! I always enjoy your picking. That Duff sounds awesome!

    Greg J.
  46. Khatarlan's Avatar
    Incredibly expressive playing. Absolutely wonderful. I need to practice more. :D
  47. Steve Sorensen's Avatar
    As good as they get!
  48. bigskygirl's Avatar
    Thanks Darryl - and Dave,- just the thing for a snowy Big Sky Country morning!
  49. Jim Taylor's Avatar
    Thanks! Great tune!
  50. Mandolin Cafe's Avatar
    Welcome, Darryl. Great way to start off our Monday. Thanks.
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