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  1. Todd Bowman's Avatar
    Don't know how I missed this yesterday! Glad I was early enough on Tuesday to see this! Very cool tune! As always, great picking!! Thanks for sharing, David!

  2. Cheryl Watson's Avatar
    Nice tune, David, and I really like how your Apitius has a lot of pop and muscle in the notes even though you are playing fairly lightly.
  3. AlanN's Avatar
    Smooth, David!
  4. bbcee's Avatar
    Great compositions, Jeff, and that Big Mon really sings!!

    I'd love to get in touch with you if you're offering lessons- I'm in the same timezone as you.
  5. Paul Statman's Avatar
    Thanks, Jeff. Great stuff for a Monday (or any day, should one tune in later)!
  6. ccravens's Avatar
    That was awesome!
  7. EvanElk's Avatar
    Great stuff!
  8. Michael Romkey's Avatar
    Nice playing and writing. What a great way to start the mandolin week!
  9. Alfons's Avatar
    Thanks Jeff! Very nice
  10. Todd Bowman's Avatar
    Beautiful then fun! Very cool tune and great picking! Thanks for sharing, Jeff!
  11. Colin Braithwaite's Avatar
    A highlight of my week. Thanks!
  12. Todd Bowman's Avatar
    Always one of the highlights of the start of my week!! Thank you, David, for starting and maintaining this! You ROCK!!!
  13. ccravens's Avatar
    "And many more..!!"
  14. Paul Statman's Avatar
    Congratulations, David, and thank you for Mandolin Mondays. Loved your rendition of HB here, too.
  15. Ranald's Avatar
    Thanks for introducing us to so many fine mandolin players, David.
  16. Michael Romkey's Avatar
  17. Alfons's Avatar
    What they said! We are fortunate to be the beneficiaries of your fine creation, and the fine home that it's found on the Cafe.
  18. William Smith's Avatar
    Thanks David, I look forward to these videos-everyone does such mighty fine pickin-I and others LOVE it! Your Apitius is sounding mighty fine
  19. Mandolin Cafe's Avatar
    David, congratulations on 300 Episodes! An amazing run of web content supporting all things mandolin. You're the best. Here's to the next 300! Cheers.
  20. Paul Statman's Avatar
  21. bbcee's Avatar
    Total domination of a really tough-to-interpret tune. Thanks, Slias.
  22. Todd Bowman's Avatar
    Very nice! Super clean playing! That Northfield sounds great! Thanks for sharing!
  23. AlanN's Avatar
  24. Don Grieser's Avatar
    Silas taught at Monroe Camp. Downstroke, tremolo, and triplet monster.
  25. pheffernan's Avatar
    You’ve got nice drive to your right hand on what I’m assuming is a Sorensen F5?
  26. sgarrity's Avatar
    Got to hear Silas and that mandolin over the last 4 days at Monroe Camp. He can PLAY!
  27. William Smith's Avatar
    Kool for sure!
  28. mandotool's Avatar
    GOOD MORNIN SILAS POWELL !!! DAMN !!! nice way to start the day..Thanks for that!
  29. Hubs's Avatar
  30. Alfons's Avatar
    I'll second Todd's comment about the open voicings - beautiful sounds.
  31. JRG's Avatar
    Nicely done Josiah. Hope you can come back down to 185 King St. soon
  32. Paul Statman's Avatar
    What a pretty tune - and such an unexpected appearance of mister major! Thank you.
  33. EvanElk's Avatar
    pretty tune! Well played
  34. Mandolin Cafe's Avatar
    Really nice playing!
  35. Todd Bowman's Avatar
    Beautiful tune! Love the open voicings! Thanks for sharing, Josiah!!

  36. Ranald's Avatar
    Thanks, David. I enjoyed that. Perhaps you could do a Travellers Rest tour, covering Kentucky and Prince Edward Island, though Travellers Rest, PEI ain't as pretty as it used to be.
  37. Nick Royal's Avatar
    David, nice tune and the house and dog add character to the whole scene!
  38. AlanN's Avatar
  39. Todd Bowman's Avatar
    Thanks for sharing, David! Love the tune! And, the outtake!
  40. Michael Romkey's Avatar
    Tasteful as always. Thanks for the transcript.
  41. Denny Gies's Avatar
    Great pickin', thanks. Enjoy your new digs.
  42. Paul Statman's Avatar
    A very haunting melody. Beautifully played with a full, sweet tone. Bravissimo!
  43. lukmanohnz's Avatar
    Gorgeous tune, gorgeous tone, gorgeous technique, gorgeous mandolin. Bravo!!
  44. Grappler50's Avatar
    Love it great tune!
  45. withfoam's Avatar
    Wow! Really incredible playing and great tune.
  46. Michael Romkey's Avatar
    Fresh and original. Love it.
  47. Nick Royal's Avatar
    Interesting tune and great tone!
  48. Alfons's Avatar
    Beautiful tune and beautifully played. Great articulation and sound. You are getting some great tone out of that Bulas.
  49. Alfons's Avatar
    Ah, that's just right! I was working on some bluesy stuff earlier, so this fit my day to a T. Thank you sir for some fine picking on a nice tune.
  50. JRG's Avatar
    Second on the Acoustic Planet work, listen to it often and it never gets old.
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