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  3. banjoboy's Avatar
    A great player and instructor. One of my favorite players.
  4. Rich White's Avatar
    Wonderful. Thank you Skip. I had the pleasure of attending a class you did at Monroe Mandolin Camp in 2015. Still playing those Charlie Monroe tunes!
  5. Perry's Avatar
    This is why I like the mandolin
  6. Hubs's Avatar
    That is awesome, thank you so much!
  7. Skip Kelley's Avatar
    I love Skipís music!
  8. Todd Bowman's Avatar
    This is wonderful! WOW!!! Thanks, Skip, for sharing!
  9. bgpete's Avatar
    That's gettin' to the heart of the matter! Mighty fine, Skip!
  10. Denny Gies's Avatar
    How neat. Thanks to both Skip and David.
  11. Bren's Avatar
    Great stuff.

    Skip had been a fairly regular visitor to Stonehaven FF in Scotland in recent years until 2020, playing concerts, holding mandolin workshops and jamming and it's good to hear him again.
  12. dorenac's Avatar
    Just fantastic. The way the mandolin should be played.
  13. lukmanohnz's Avatar
    That was awesome - I love that old style mando playing. Skip carries the torch - +1 for his Old Style Mando CDs, they are fantastic.
  14. grassrootphilosopher's Avatar

    half a lifetime ago Skip and I played the same Dutch festival. He didnīt play mandolin there and I hadnīt revised my mandolin style yet. It is so neat to see someone obviously circeling the same musical orbit that you are in despite the fact that you live some thousand miles apart. His playing is so relatable. He must have read my mail.
  15. sgarrity's Avatar
    Skip is one of the best!
  16. Cary Fagan's Avatar
    One of my best mandolin experiences was at Mandolin Camp North a few years ago, in a small room with a few other people listening to Skip and Richard Starkey play any Monroe instrumental we asked for. Sublime. Those Old Style Mandolin CDs are must-haves. Great playing and great tunes, thanks!
  17. Tom Mylet's Avatar
    Great playing by a guy!
  18. Don Grieser's Avatar
    So good. Looking forward to learning from you at Monroe Camp.
  19. mingusb1's Avatar
    Yeah man, killer pickin and tone as always Carl!
  20. Hubs's Avatar
    Nicely done and a smile, that makes one happy! Thank you for that!
  21. Dagger Gordon's Avatar
    I really enjoyed this. Nice to hear his tribute to David Surette, the fantastic tone he gets from that old mandolin, his great playing and the lovely speed he plays those tunes at.
    Thanks Carl.
  22. William Smith's Avatar
    Very NICE man! Great sounding A-4 as well! Great tone! I think most all these old Gibson's ae serious sleepers in the vintage market! They only made so many right! And many can be bought at squealing deals. I've been getting into them as of late, mainly due to my 21 Cremona K-4!
  23. CES's Avatar
    Thanks, to Carl and David both! Carl, thatís a great sounding A4!
  24. Andy B's Avatar
    Thanks for the lovely tunes so beautifully played. Itís so nice to have that old mandolin tone ringing in my ears on a Monday!
  25. ccravens's Avatar
    Great to see Carl again. What a nice guy he is. Love the playing as well.
  26. bbcee's Avatar
    Really enjoy your YT channel, Carl, thank you for the contribution!
  27. chasray's Avatar
    Thank you!
  28. Cary Fagan's Avatar
    A lovely tribute from one of my favourite players. And Carl's own smile makes the day better.
  29. Denny Gies's Avatar
    Great job, thank you Carl.
  30. MarlaFibish's Avatar
    Thank you all for your lovely comments! And yeah, @Jill, 'Fall Back' is done now. I will hazard a video soon and post it to this thread.
  31. Don Grieser's Avatar
    Wonderful in every way! Thanks!
  32. Jill McAuley's Avatar
    Great stuff Marla - can't wait to hear the companion piece!
  33. greenoak's Avatar
    Nice! Thank you for the joy!
  34. dulcibutch's Avatar
    Heard her Mandolin Monday video this morning. Trying to look her up more in-depth. Their website link doesnít work!
  35. Todd Bowman's Avatar
    Beautiful tune, Marla! And, I love the "crooked" parts! You exude joy when you play!! Thank you for sharing!
  36. Larry Mossman's Avatar
    Wonderful Marla... Love the tune, your spirited playing and the joyful expression. Thx. Larry
  37. DanielP's Avatar
    Great musicality .Bravo
  38. Brad Grafton's Avatar
    I love the sound that you get out of the Model 1. Curiosity why do you "John" not have #638 the Model 1 that Steve built for you? Signed the Keeper of #638?
  39. masa618's Avatar
    I only knew the melody of Liza Jane's GDAE tuning, but the sound of AEAE left a wonderful impression. That's great !
  40. Don Stiernberg's Avatar
    yeah John
  41. chasray's Avatar
    Makes me happy
  42. MontanaMatt's Avatar
    That doesn’t bode well for those thinking that having a great mandolin would make you not want others…I think that is his L.Loar sitting in the background, and he’s messing around with a very spendy oval thing.
  43. Denny Gies's Avatar
    A nice Monday morning treat.
  44. Perry's Avatar
    Sweet...though it makes me miss my Gil Model 1
  45. Todd Bowman's Avatar
    One of my favorite tunes! Thanks, John, for sharing! Always love hearing you pick!! New Time & Old Acoustic is a weekly (sometimes daily) play for me! Thanks for sharing there, too!
  46. Brian Ebie's Avatar
    Brilliant playing, John. It's always a pleasure to hear you play.
    Other worldly! Great playing!
  48. William Smith's Avatar
  49. John Soper's Avatar
    Wonderful culmination of many year's' hard work. Sounds great!
  50. Scot63's Avatar
    Amazing! Would love to hear your take on the Sarabande from that Partita.
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