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  1. Dale Ludewig's Avatar
    Very tasty!
  2. Mandocarver's Avatar
    Hear, hear and the transcription is great too - there are years of work for me in that one.
  3. Jstring's Avatar
    wow! another great one! Thanks for posting these....
  4. Isaac Revard's Avatar
  5. Michael Neverisky's Avatar
    Awesome! That minor variation is wild and I love the chord melody at the end. Thanks so much for these, David. We really do look forward Mondays!
  6. darylcrisp's Avatar
    ah, excellent as usual!

    thanks so much for these monday tunes-makes looking forward to mondays a lot.

  7. outsidenote's Avatar
    That was absolutely beautiful! Thanks for posting.
  8. Colin Braithwaite's Avatar
    Just amazing, as always!
  9. 9lbShellhamer's Avatar
    Listening to these Monday posts I've gotta say, The tone you wield from that mandolin is quickly becoming my favorite of all time. You two are a great pairing. Awesome all around. Thanks for posting.
  10. bbaker2050's Avatar
    Beautiful. Your mandolin sounds incredible.
  11. Gary Leonard's Avatar
    Thanks David! Nailed it!

    Tell Missy to get up to the Chicago area soon!
  12. Mandolin Cafe's Avatar
    Yea! (-- sound of applause --)
  13. sgarrity's Avatar
    Beautiful playing!
  14. Perry's Avatar
    Excellent; someone posted a thread on this site about left and right hand coordination...I'd say this is a good example of it!
  15. johnmarkva's Avatar
    Love the arrangement. The bandana and LP's are perfect as well.
  16. Gary Leonard's Avatar
    We used to love when this song came on the radio as kids. ".. joy to the fishes in the deep blue sea, joy to you and me." Who as a kid wouldn't love a song like this?

    Once again, you nailed it with another Mandolin Monday posting.
  17. Mandolin Cafe's Avatar
    You did it again!
  18. Treblemaker's Avatar
    Great job.
    Let's hear you cover Shambala!
  19. Mandocarver's Avatar
    Lovely work again David. Thanks for making the effort to do these.
  20. Daive's Avatar
    very gentle pleasing music thank you Daive
  21. dbmandolin's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Mandolin Cafe
    Nicely done!
    Thanks so much!
  22. Mandolin Cafe's Avatar
    Nicely done!
  23. bluesmandolinman's Avatar
    Great Version ! Not too fast = good ! Thanks for your efford
  24. acousticphd's Avatar
    I had thought one or your more recent examples was my favorite, but after browsing through the videos all the way back to week #1, this is my winner. Awesome, clean playing.
  25. hank's Avatar
    Bach! Bach! Who's there? David! Wow! Great control and roundup of chaos uncanned.
  26. hank's Avatar
    What Mark said! Bravo!
  27. Ken W's Avatar
    Thanks, David. A real treat, and nicely played. Perfection is way over rated ... showing up is the big part.

  28. JH Murray's Avatar
    One of my favourite Bach pieces. Well done.
    Thank you!
  29. Paul Statman's Avatar
    Beautiful, David - thanks!
  30. Rosemary Philips's Avatar
    You've given me a reason to look forward to Mondays...
  31. Mark Hawkins's Avatar
    Wow! That's just not something that one would typically expect to hear from a mandolin but you made it work. Just goes to show the incredible amount of talent you possess & the depth of your understanding of the instrument. Bravo! (The effects at the end were kinda cool too)
  32. Joe Welna's Avatar
    Thanks David, your posts make me smile every week. Beautifully done as always. Keep em coming! Mondays just wouldn't be the same without them.
  33. dbmandolin's Avatar
    Thanks everyone! These jigs have been really fun to play. I found them all on a great resource!
  34. Clement Barrera-Ng's Avatar
    What a great set of jigs and lovely playing. Keep it up!
  35. Mark Hawkins's Avatar
    Thanks David & happy St Patrick's to you as well. Cat's Meow is my pick, guess it just sounds more traditional to me but all three were excellent!
  36. Daniel Vance's Avatar

    Great playing as always. Particularly enjoyed "The Cowboy." Thanks for doing these as they always make my Mondays better.
  37. Mark Gunter's Avatar
    Nice David! Thanks for sharing your music, looking forward to hearing the new album!
  38. dbmandolin's Avatar
    Thanks guys! Yeah, I lived near Chattanooga when I was in school and I wrote this tune about Ross's Landing by the river. There's a great bluegrass festival there every year too!
  39. Drew Streip's Avatar
    Did you write this tune specifically about Ross's Landing? Or did you put the name to music you'd already written? (As a Chattanoogan, I'm required to find out!)
  40. Mark Hawkins's Avatar
    That's such a sweet groove. Thanks for the download David, looking forward to hearing more from you in the future!
  41. dbmandolin's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Mike Marshall
    I love these things David. Keep em coming!
    Thanks Mike! That means so much to me!
  42. Mike Marshall's Avatar
    I love these things David. Keep em coming!
  43. Jstring's Avatar
    Sweet arrangement....I'm still getting your version of "You've got a friend in me" up to speed, and now I want to work on this... Hard to keep up with you, David!
  44. Mandocarver's Avatar
    Beautiful arrangement of a great tune. Great to see chord melody on the mandolin getting more attention. I'll be contacting you for the score, which should keep me busy for the next 5 years or so...
  45. BillyBrown's Avatar
    Oh boy. Way to make me feel old ;-) I love it though!!
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  47. dbmandolin's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Gary Leonard
    Well done, as always.

    What do you record with to capture such lovely sound from that mandolin?
    Thanks so much, Gary! I use a Zoom h4n just off screen--about a foot and a half away. Really pleased with the natural sound!
  48. Gary Leonard's Avatar
    Well done, as always.

    What do you record with to capture such lovely sound from that mandolin?
  49. darylcrisp's Avatar
    as always, simply excellent
    thanks for doing these David

  50. dbmandolin's Avatar
    Thanks so much, everyone! Definitely one of my favorite tunes--it's so snarky!