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  1. atbuckner21's Avatar
    This is so beautiful! Well done!!!!!
  2. Gunnar's Avatar
    Totally Beautiful! Hang on, was that a brushed harmonic?!?!?!?! Wow........
  3. tkdboyd's Avatar
    Spectacular, both tone & musicianship.
  4. EvanElk's Avatar
  5. chasray's Avatar
    AAA+!!! Thanks!
  6. Philphool's Avatar
    Just pretty!
  7. William Smith's Avatar
    Great tune and tone on that Gil!
  8. Mandolin Cafe's Avatar
    Welcome, Mark. Great tune, beautifully played. Spectacular tone from the Gilchrist!
  9. d18daddy's Avatar
    Here is some more Guthrie:
  10. masa618's Avatar
    This is a very beautiful melody and perfect tone. That's great!
  11. William Smith's Avatar
    Great! Never heard a Daly before that I'm aware of, very nice!
  12. Paul Statman's Avatar
  13. atbuckner21's Avatar
    Beautiful! Guthrie is the man, and is such a nice guy to boot!
  14. Gunnar's Avatar
    Wow, bravo!
  15. Mandolin Cafe's Avatar
    Love it! "No extra charge..." Welcome, Guthrie. Fine playing.
  16. V70416's Avatar
    That was lovely,indeed. Inspirational playing on the Kentucky.
    Oh,Pepita! Thank you.
  17. darylcrisp's Avatar
    well, that was just excellent!
    thank you Pepita.

    the lake is beautiful also.
  18. Paul Statman's Avatar
    What a refreshing song. The setting doesn't do it any harm, either.
    (Thanks, Pepita, MC, and David)
  19. atbuckner21's Avatar
    Pepita, this is so lovely!!
  20. Mike Romkey's Avatar
    Very nice.
  21. William Smith's Avatar
    Very Nice! Great tone you pull from your KM! I think I could hang and play in an area like that, between the playing and staring in the background I think my BP went down a bit!
  22. grassrootphilosopher's Avatar
    Nice. What´s more, it´s been played just around the corner from me (on holiday...?)
  23. Scot63's Avatar
    That's a great tune and well played. I'll be hearing it my head all day—and enjoying it.
  24. Mandolin Cafe's Avatar
    Welcome, Pepita. What a great touch and tone you have. Nicely played!
  25. Lynn Dudenbostel's Avatar
    One of the most tasteful musicians to ever pick up a mandolin. A great guy too.
  26. Alfons's Avatar
    Even more beautiful the second time through. I'll be looking forward to the release in January!
  27. DanielP's Avatar
    Beautiful arrangement and sound. Bravo
  28. Steve-o's Avatar
    Lovely! Tasteful arrangement and dynamics.
  29. TimB989's Avatar
    Man I could listen to that forever. Thanks Mike! Hey
  30. Paul Statman's Avatar
    Wicked awesome, Mike! Thanks.
  31. EvanElk's Avatar
    Fantastic - thanks!
  32. Denny Gies's Avatar
    Wow, nice.
  33. oliverkollar's Avatar
    Really really beautiful!
  34. Amandalyn's Avatar
    Beautiful !
  35. atbuckner21's Avatar
  36. chasray's Avatar
  37. Luna Pick's Avatar
    Thanks Mike. That was beautiful, what a way to start the day.
  38. William Smith's Avatar
    Very NICE F-7 conversion-I've had many and still have one! They are spectacular mandolins! Was yours an internal re-graduated as well? I'd say that is a very successful conversion-well played and great tone! Love it man!
  39. Mandolin Cafe's Avatar
    Wow, nicely played. Thank you and welcome, Mike.
  40. Jeroen's Avatar
  41. darylcrisp's Avatar
    enjoy watching/hearing Dannys playing any time its available. so smooth, precise, and always appears at ease while picking a blistering pace.

    that Sorenson sounds great!
  42. tbown's Avatar
    Wow! Always love watching Danny's hands. Both are as smooth as butter!
  43. oliverkollar's Avatar
    WOW! Great pickin'!

    Thanks for that Danny.
    That Sorenson sounds incredible!
  44. Robert Mitchell's Avatar
  45. dang's Avatar
    That really does burn!!!
  46. Mandolin Cafe's Avatar
    Welcome, Danny Roberts! Fine playing as usual.
  47. Gunnar's Avatar
    Nice picking Danny! And a fine mandolin too!
  48. Gelsenbury's Avatar
    I spotted this too late and missed your tour ... Dartford is reachable from here. Hoping for better luck next time!
  49. atbuckner21's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Scotter
    That was awesome! Thank you.

    Thank YOU for listening and for taking the time to say something nice! I so appreciate it!
  50. atbuckner21's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Clement Barrera-Ng
    Really impressive stuff Andrew. I've always enjoyed your playing and your music. Keep it up.
    Clement, thanks for the encouragement my friend! I am so happy you have connected with my playing, it means more than you know!
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