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Dave Peters from the UK

  1. Andy Farrell UK Solid Body Electric Mandolin Left Handed

    Hi Guys, here is a lift form my blog "rockinwithdavepeters" in which I discuss the Andy Farrell mandolin:-

    "I'd tried previously and unsuccessfully to amplify my acoustic mandolin for live work - I got a poor amplified sound and unwanted feedback, so the answer for me was a solid body instrument. This really meets the bill. It's hand made, it's intonation and action is spot on, and it stays in tune. I use this now on every gig, and it has normally remained completely ...
  2. Eastwood Airline Mandola

    Hi guys
    For anyone interested my (admittedly lightweight) review and thoughts on the Eastwood Airline Mandola are on my blog
    Best wishes all.

    Updated Mar-13-2014 at 6:26am by Dave Peters from the UK